Thursday, July 30, 2009

Boogie Fell :(

One of the worst things happened tonight! My sweet little boy got hurt :( I was getting ready to fold the last bit of the laundry in Tony and I's room. I grabbed River and set him sitting up against a pillow in the middle of our king sized bed. Before I got started folding I figured that I would go grab him a toy to keep him entertained while I folded. I grabbed the toy which was in River's room just a few steps away and came back into my room, to my horror River was somehow on his tummy with his head and arms hanging off the side of the bed. My heart fell! But, then it got worse, our bedspread is a fabric with a sheen that makes it slippery :( :( :( All the sudden he just started slipping as soon as I turned the corner, I dropped the toy and ran to grab him. I was just to late though...he fell right on his head. Our bed is pretty high up so it made a loud thud. I grab him literally right after his head hit the floor. He started to scream! My heart was breaking for him, and I felt awful for leaving him, even just for a second. I checked him over, no bump or bruise but I was still nervous so I called my mom really quick. He had settled down pretty quick so I knew he must be okay. My mom told me to hurry and call my Dr.'s office before they closed just to see if there were any signs I should be looking for if he was hurt. I called and told them what happened, and that there was no sign of harm. They told me they thought he was probably fine but because he was so young they wanted him to come in anyway. So, I took him in to be checked and the Dr. said he was looking fine and told me a few signs I should look for tonight to make sure he is okay, but that he wasn't to concerned. I totally get bad mommy award! I still can't believe how fast he got from the middle of a king sized bed all the way to the side! Needless to say I feel HORRIBLE!!! I am so glad and blessed that he is okay. My poor boy :( When you love someone so much and do something that hurts them it just kills you. No more beds for River.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Getting Organized, Finally!

3 way Laundry basket
Now I can see what I have!
All River's clothes are now in order of size, so no more searching.
We finally have a dresser!!
I can see everything now! Yay!
Tony and I both have a dresser
Just cause I couldn't do a post without River :)
I have always been somewhat of a organized person, but since I have been married I have felt so unorganized and felt things start to get cluttery and I hated it. I have just felt to overwhelmed and didn't even know where to begin. A couple times Tony and I have tried to get our closet organized (our closet was the worst) but it never felt or stayed organized because we haven't had a dresser, so there would just be piles of clean clothes on the floor. Then, I have been really bad about laundry! We have never really had a good place to put dirty clothes either, so they would just end up on the floor with the clean clothes and then who knew what was clean or dirty! Well, we decided to finally do something about it. One of my mom's friends and designer was having a gargage sale and we were able to pick up two dressers for a really great price! Finally we had a place to put our clean things that didn't need to be hung. I was so happy that I decided I needed a luandry basket to keep up the organization. I found this great 3 basketed laundry holder that was on sale at Target. Now we have a place for a dirty and clean clothes! Now I just need to make sure I stay on top of the laundry, but I really feel like it will be a lot easier now. I got in the mode of organizing and decided to get my jewelry out of the plastic bin it was all jumbled up in and now have it displayed on a cork board so I can actually see what I have. It is kind of ghetto but hey it works :) Next was River's closet and clothes. I put them all in order of size so now I'm not searching in the morning for things that match in the same sizes. You probably think I'm ridiculous for blogging about this, but I just feel such a sense of relief now that it is done!! Here is to happy organizing...hopefully I can keep it looking like this :)

TV already?!

River isn't even 3 months and he loves the TV already! We learned he liked it when Tony went to youtube one night Riv was upset and played him a video of Elmo's song. He loved it! He would stop fussing and just stare at the computer! So, I decided I would get a Elmo DVD, and it works! Riv has been getting to the point were he will fuss unless you hold him or entertain him. Needless to say it has made it hard for me to even take a shower without him crying. This little DVD has worked perfect, I just turn it on and run and get ready, and no crying! YAY! I just can't believe he already likes TV, I thought that was more of a toddler thing. Im grateful though!

Splish Splash I was takin' a bath..

He may hate me later for posting this, but he is so cute!
Ignore my double chin! Sick! Haha
Tony doesn't look happy cause he isn't! I used River as a ploy to get him out of bed :)

This is the kind of water River loves! Warm bath water! He takes after his mother, I love hot showers and Tony thinks my skin should all be burnt off by now. He is learning that if he kicks his little legs the water will splash. It is so cute how he looks stunned for a minute after the water splashes, like, Did I do that? I tried to get him splashing on video, but he was done :( The last pic is of Tony trying to take a nap on a Saturday, but River and I had other plans. We wanted to play! Poor Tony wasn't very happy when we woke him up, but we ended up going to get some cookies at smart cookie ( Yummy ) So it was worth waking up :)

Pioneer Day!

River & Tony at the pool
Luckily Cheyenne let us borrow a hat so Riv didn't get burned
Poor guy still doesn't like the water :(
Tony looking good!!
Cute Cheyenne & Ava joined us later that day

What do we have to do to get River to like water?

Loving my boy!

So, Tony has been wanting to go to the pool all summer, but we never found the time. I figured Pioneer Day would be perfect because he would have the day off. We got there right when they opened to ensure we could get some lawn chairs. I thought that maybe with Daddy there River would do better in the water, but no luck. I guess he is still just to young, but I will keep trying. :) My friend Jill's daughter, Kelsey, calls River "baby water" because of his name (So cute!) So he really needs to like water, not hate it!! haha! After a few hours at the pool we decided it was time to go. Luckily River's skin has done really well in the sun with his spf on. Tony on the other hand has always been allergic to spf, but for some reason River's baby spf he can use. So, now that he had spf he could use I thought he would...nope! I guess he just put it on his shoulders, so the rest of him was all red. I still don't know why he didn't just use it everywhere?! But boys will be boys I guess. We then met up with my family in SL to go to dinner @ Ruby's Diner. None of us had been there so it was fun to try something new. We had a fun and relaxing Pioneer Day! Yay for days we can all spend together!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

This is what I love about the South

The South knows how to make beautiful neighborhoods! I want this home, I love it! We found a neighborhood full of beautiful homes like this while in NC. I wish Utah would wake up and get some class. Someday I hope I will be able to have a home similar to this one. It is just so timeless, this home will always look classy. I will keep dreaming......

We are back from North Carolina!

River was the best behaved baby EVER!!
River taking a business call with Grandpa @ Biltmore
Grandpa and Riv relaxing

Amazing detail!
The view from the Biltmore patio

The Biltmore Estate

We had a wonderful time in North Carolina! We were super lucky in more then one way. First, River couldn't have done better on the flights there and home! He was amazing, seriously such a little trooper. He didn't make a peep :) I was amazed and very thankful! Second, North Carolina was having some unusually low humidity which made our stay so enjoyable. While we were there we took a day and traveled about two hours away to visit the home of the Vanderbilt family. It is the largest privately owned home in the US! It is huge. It was built in the late 1800's and was equipped with all the latest and greatest, nothing was spared. They had electric light bulbs (Thomas Edison light bulbs), indoor swimming pool (lit with under water lights!), and anything else you can think of. It is still owned by the family today but is used as a tourist attraction. North Carolina approached the family in the 1930's and asked if they would open there home to tourism to help in the depression. It was a unbelievable place. We weren't allowed to take pics from inside, but it was like a castle! The house alone takes up 4 acres, they owned just over a thousand acres! So all you can see in the pic of the view off their patio, they own it! It was a very cool place to visit. It took us over 5 hours to see the whole house. River was so good, he didn't even get a nap the whole trip, but he never complained. He is such a good child! I'm so lucky :) We had a very fun relaxing trip. River and I were glad we got to tag along with my Dad on a business trip. We did do a little business too, but that's not fun to talk about :) We were glad to come home to Tony and be in our own place again.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

North Carolina

River and I are off to North Carolina this morning for a business trip with my Dad. This is going to be River's first time on a plane! Wish me luck I'm very nervous about it. I will be back late Wed. so I will update with pics then :)

Friday, July 17, 2009

Pool Day!

Ava & Cheyenne
River Relaxing in the heat

River smiling and laughing

Today I met up with Cheyenne and Ava @ the Scera pool. I had never been to that pool before, and it was a lot of fun! River did a lot better in the water this time, he still didn't love the water but was not crying the whole time like in Vegas. We lathered up in 50 spf, but somehow I totally missed some spots on myself and now I have some really funky tan lines! haha! River was almost always covered by a towel I kept over him the whole time, so luckily he was fine. His skin is so fair that I worry he is going to be a red lobster by the time we get home! But he always does just fine. It was a really hot day though, wow!

River's 2 month appt.

The scene of the crime
My poor boy bandaged up
After :( Sad eyes

Yesterday I took River to his 2 month appt. He was such a good boy the whole time. The Dr. kept commenting on how well behaved River was :) He had to get his shots too. That was really sad because we laid him on the table and he was talking and smiling, then the first shot went into his little thigh muscle...not to much a reaction...then the second...stops smiling...then the third, fourth and fifth...not a happy camper! His face got all red and he started to cry :( I quickly held him after they were over and he stopped very shortly after. But then when I got him dressed and was putting him into his car seat he gave me this look like "You didn't stop her from hurting me!" it broke my heart. He was a tough kid though.

River's Stats:

Length: 24 1/4" 75%

Weight: 11 lbs. 11 oz. 25%

Head Cir: 40.2 cm. 25%

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Great Read

My brother Tate gave me this sweet book for Mother's day. I just got around to reading it and really enjoyed it. It is a very small book so a really easy read. I started reading it while I was nursing River in the middle of the night. It really helps us all as daughters of god recognize how important we are in the eternal scheme of things. Here are just a few excerpts that I really liked:

"Recognize that the joy of motherhood comes in moments. There will be hard times and frustrating times. But amid the challenges, there are shining moments of joy and satisfaction."

"To see our children grow, succeed, and take their places in society and in the Lord's kingdom is an eternal reward worth any inconvenience or sacrifice."

"What a beautiful place this world will be when all parents see the importance of teaching their children the principles that will help them be happy and successful."

I strongly recommend reading it! It is just full of motivation for all women. Single, married, mothers, etc. If anyone would like to borrow my copy I would love to share :)

River With Family

River with Grandpa Feller
Grandma Feller
Uncle Trevor
Great Grandma Oxspring
Aunt Chelan
Grandpa & Grandma Foscarini with Tony's Uncle and Aunt Foscarini
Uncle Nick
Great Grandma Allen
Tony's Aunt and Uncle Allen

River has been lucky enough to have already met so much of his family! There are a few that are not shown, like my brother Tate, Tony's brother Doug and Nick's wife Nikki. I hope that we can get pics with them soon :) My brother Tate met River over the 4th of July, but I guess we didn't get a pic with him :( River is such a wonderful baby! I really feel so blessed to have such a sweet little guy :) He is going in today for his Dr. checkup so I will keep you posted as to how it goes.

Monday, July 13, 2009

The River Monster Goes to Vegas!

Tony River & I at the Wynn Waterfalls
River giving his puppy dog face
Everyone at our hotel loved River in his little sunglasses!

Just Chillin in the HOT Sun

Don't worry we weren't driving, He just looked so cute I had to take a pic :)
River watching the Bellagio Water Show
At the Bellagio Gardens
River's first swim! (He wasn't a big fan of the water)

Beautiful Flowers at the Bellagio
River's First visit to In-n-Out!

Our little Family went for our first vacation together to Las Vegas. Tony is finally done with school and I wanted to go somewhere after having River. This vacation was our reward to each other. We left July 9th and returned home on the 13th. It was a nice break for both of us. River did so well the whole time, I was so proud of him! We mainly just relaxed the whole trip. We were able to hang out by our pool and take River in the pool for the first time. ( He was not loving the cold pool water ) We visited the Bellagio and the Wynn hotels. They are some of my favorites on the strip! They are so beautiful. We of course watched the water show outside the Bellagio. We ate at great restraunts until we were STUFFED! We went to the really cute movie "Up", to bad for Tony River started to get fussy so he missed half the movie :( but I really liked it. Of course we went shopping as well! :) It was a great time and so fun to go as a real family now :)