Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Meredith is a Married woman!!

First comes the Bachlorette Party!!

Ridiculous hat: check!
Ridiculous Sash: check!
Making the waiter blush as she pulls out lingerie: check! ;)

Julie and Jill 
{Sis n Laws}

Watching a Dvd of answers Jacob {the fiance} answered about Meredith :)

The crew

Bride to Be!

Eliza & Mer


Mary and Eli


Megan and Kylee

Me :)

Next up: Wedding Day!!
{June 20, 2012}

I did Mer's hair. I think it turned out Beautiful on her!!

I love them!

Meredith and Jacob!

The Decor was amazing!!
They made it all...down to drilling out the trees for the candles!

Cookie station!
All us girls made hundreds of cookies, hope they were good :)

Adorable 1

Adorable 2

Adorable 3 & 4
{Alexis & Layla}

The Girls!

Mary and Jorge
You looked Gorgeous Mary!!

Mama and Me

Handsome Groom awaiting his Bride

Gotta love a Daddy Daughter Moment!

Man and Wife!!

The Crew!!
Love these girls!!

Kylee and Megan!
SO cute!!

Photo Booth

Handsome River

The Boys

Congrats Mr. & Mrs Hinton!!

Lara, Lori and Eliza

Gma and Gpa with the Boys

Eric and Lara
{Happy 5th Anniversary tomorrow}

Gma with the Bow tie Bandit ;)

Fathers Day

Father's Day was busy this year!
It was Father's day for Tony and My Dad of course, but it was also my Mom's Birthday.
Milo's Birthday was the day before Father's day too.
It was a crazy weekend!

The boys gave this cute little candy bar poem to Daddy for Father's Day.
{My gift was Hawaii in April}

Milo helping Grandma open her Birthday Presents

I have a wonderful Father, Husband and Father n law! You are all wonderful and I love you!
Happy Father's day!!

This is how Tony got to eat Father's Day dinner!

Happy Birthday Mom!