Wednesday, February 17, 2010

1st Steps!!

The boogs and Flowers from Vday
Tony and I spent the whole day the 13th selling roses in front of the store :)
The store had a promo with Roses and we had extra so we sold them, it was so cold!
River looked so cute with the flower! He matched them perfect :)

River walked for the first time by himself yesterday! I was at my Mom's and we stood him up and reached out for him, and presto! Walking baby! My Mom and I both cheered so loud for him that he started to laugh. He kept doing in over and over, walking from my Mom to me. He was so proud of himself. He laughed and smiled the whole time. He is only doing about 5 steps at a time, but I'm sure it is only a matter of time until he is all over the place. :) I tried to get video of him walking really well, but the only video I got was when he was tired and wasn't "performing" as well. Apparently He crawled a little for Tony the day before he walked too, but Tony said he was screaming and crying the whole time. So, I guess he won't be a crawler but a walker. It is so much fun to watch the progress your child makes and to see how happy the are with themselves. I'm so proud of my little cutie! :)

Monday, February 15, 2010

9 Month Stats

Trying to balance his toy on his head.

Playing in the laundry

I can't believe my baby is already nine months old! It really goes by so so fast. I love every minute of it! River is still refusing to crawl, but loves to walk (assisted) and cruise all over furniture. He will just go round and round the coffee table and just laugh. He is really loving the independence it gives him. He also learned how to open drawers and cabinets. He laughs so hard when he gets a drawer or door opened by himself, it is really cute. He has started to eat more normal foods, but is still nursing. I know it is pathetic, but he has just started to sleep in his crib and is doing really well. It definitely helps me sleep better when he is not in the same bed as me. He is not sleeping through the night yet, which I'm hoping will change very soon! He is really getting such a personality and melts everyone he meets with his cute little smile. He is such a happy kid. He's my little babe and I love him!

River's Stats
Length: 28 in. (25%)
Weight: 18 lbs. 6 oz. (10%)
Head Cir: 46.25 cm (75%)

So basically he is a orange on a short toothpick! haha! His length really went down this time. He has been in the 75% and went down to the 25%, the Dr. said it's not a big deal and thinks River will be tall. So we will see if he gets the Feller shorty gene or the Foscarini height, only time will tell.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

River is one spoiled Valentine!

River is so loved, Valentines is his holiday I guess! He has two very proud Grandma's. River just got this adorable cookie delivery today from his Grandma Foscarini, he was all about trying to rip it apart :) He was also spoiled by his Grandma Feller who gave him some books, bib, and some toys. He is the best Valentine and I think Grandma's are fighting over who's Valentine he gets to be ;) Not to mention his Mommy wanting him to be her Valentine!! What a loved little boy, he already has all the girls after him ;) Thanks to both Grandma's for the wonderful gifts and Happy Valentines Day to both of you! Love you all!