Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Happy Birthday Mom!

Today is my mom's birthday. She will probably be mad at me for putting her pic up. She had one of her friends come by and visit her this morning and then I took her to Oliver Garden (her request) for a birthday lunch. We had a fun time talking and filling up on bread sticks. She had to save room though cause my dad is taking her to Log Haven tonight, it is one of their fav restaurants. I have a cute gift for her, but I cant say what cause she might read this before tonight and then she will know what she is getting. I hope she likes it, it reminded me of her when I saw it, so hopefully she will enjoy it! Well Happy Birthday Mom! I hope you have had a fun day so far and continue to have a great night! I love you!

Colonel Weiford

Well I'm a little late, but my Dad just celebrated his birthday on the 9th and then of course Father's Day! I guess it will be a combined blog. First, Happy Birthday! I hope you had a great day. We celebrated by taking him out to Shoots in Riverwoods. One of the bishops in my dad's BYU stake owns that restaurant. It was really good! We had Salt & Pepper chicken (really good). We also had this great dessert, I'm not sure what it was called but it was a shaved ice in the middle of ice cream and fruit. It was so refreshing!! Happy Father's Day too! You have always been a wonderful, loving father. You are such a great guide and friend. Thank you for all you have done and continue to do for me. I love you so so much! Hope you had two GREAT days :)

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Just a few of my favorite things

Starting from the top:

#1. Island hop is the name of this great fragrance. I also have the lotion. If you need a quick pick me up just spray a little of this light, tropical fragrance. You will feel like you are on the beaches of Hawaii! Oh, I close my eyes and I'm almost there :) They come in adorable glass bottles that I love! It is at Gap Body that you can pick up this little vacation in a bottle!

#2. Chocolate Covered Pretzels. My weakness. I love the sweet and salty taste you get when you bite into one of these beautiful treats. Aren't these pretzels pretty?!

#3. I know some of you know that I went to Beauty school. So of course blow dryers, flat iron, hair products tend to drain my bank account. This is my favorite blow dryer!! I love it, it drys my hair SO fast. It also uses some kind of ceramic fusion (I dont know?) That keeps your hair shiny and smooth! It's a little pricey, but well worth it if you ask me. It is the Bespoke Labs, featherweight. Love Love! Oh and it's really lite weight as the name implies.

#4. Isn't this everyones favorite! I love Target! They have really cute things and at a great price...who could ask for more?! I was there early this morning before the masses had showed up....I had the whole store to myself! Heaven :)

So go ahead and give me some of your favorite things!

One Year!! Really?! Whoa!

I cant believe how fast time flies. Tony and I have been married a year on June 1. Wow! It seems like so much has happened! We have moved 3 times, and now own (no longer rent) our cute little place. Tony has really done well in school and will be graduating next summer! YAY! I have been working hard at work and been excelling. We got our cat Oli, our dog Teddy. We have been to California, Hawaii, Georgia, Mexico, Las Vegas, and most recently Park City! That is where we stayed for our anniversary. We actually weren't even together on our anniversary :( I was in Vegas on business and Tony had school and work in Orem. We met in St. George on the 2nd for my grandpa's viewing and funeral (more on early posting). So we decided that we would make the weekend special. We got a great deal to spend the week in park city at the Stein Eriksen Lodge. We had two fireplaces in our suite and a jacuzzi on our deck! It was so much fun! We were able to just relax and unwind from all of our hard work the previous week. I have to say if you are looking for a fun little get away, the summer packages you can get in park city are ridiculous. We got to stay in a beautiful suite and have a free 3 course dinner each night we stayed, at there restaurant. Our dinner bill alone was $130.00 each night that we got for free! You can get some really great steals on the off season. Just for fun Stein Erikson is where Katherine Heigl was married! (as pictured)

Check it Out! Pandora!!

We got a new jewelry line at work! You have to come check this out! It's called Pandora Jewelry. It is a new take on a charm bracelet. They are so much fun to build. You pick out a silver or gold bracelet and then you start adding adorable little charms. There are over 700 hundred charms to choose from! You get to tell your own story with your bracelet! I made one for myself, I have a wedding cake for when Tony and I got married, a pineapple for when we went to Hawaii, you get the idea. I have to admit, they are ADDICTING! They are silver though so they are affordable and adorable! If you want something a little more dressy they are available in gold. They also have this beautiful hand blown Murano glass charms that are stunning. When we were at the Las Vegas show I blogged about earlier, Pandora was the buzz of the show! It is already huge on the East coast and is moving West. We are a gold dealer which means we carry everything pandora sells. Every charm, jewelry, etc. You have got to see this stuff! It makes for great gifts too!
P.S. They have a whole jewelry line as well. It's unique and fun!

Dear Sweet Grand Pappy

My Grandpa George Feller passed away on Sunday May 25th. There are not words to describe how much I loved and admired my grandfather. He was the most gentle and caring of men. His life was service, there was nothing this man did that was not in the service of his fellow men. He truly was a example of what all of us should try to be. He dedicated his life to the Church and his service in it. There was nothing and I do mean NOTHING this man wouldn't do for the church. If it was asked of him, he gave without hesitation. He felt the same about his family, no questions asked, he loved you. He never had much in this life because he gave everything he had to others. He had everything though, because he truly cared and loved everyone he came in contact with. I always felt that my grandpa and I had a special bond. I was able to hold his hand and be with him right up until he took his last breath. I adored him and I know he felt the same of me. I'm sure other family members felt the same connection with him, it's just who he was. Grand pappy you will be greatly missed. You have left a Legacy I feel I can never match. I am proud to carry the name Feller, because of what you have made it mean to me. You have left a example I can only hope to live up to. I wish to live my life in a way that I know you would be proud of. I love you dearly! Love Chrissy

Happy 26th Tony

Ok so my blogs are getting a little out of order, but oh well. Tony had his big birthday on April 30th! (Im so behind!) I wanted to do something special to surprise him, but was not quite sure what the could be....Im really not that creative of a person sadly. Well, months before (by months I mean before Thanksgiving!) his birthday my dad got a email about a really inexpensive cruise to Mexico. I had never been to Mexico and i know Tony hadn't either. The problem was that Tony is taking classes all through out the summer, so we really didn't have much of a break. I got it all figured out so that he would just be missing a few days of class and everything was going to be perfect, right? No.
I booked the whole thing and was so excited. We even had some of our friends coming and they were going to surprise him on the ship! I did really well about keeping everything a secret from him, and I did the whole 6 months! (wow me) Here is where it gets ugly. After everything is booked and taken care of we get the news that Nick, Tony's Brother in Georgia, is getting married over our cruise that Tony doesn't even know about! OH NO!! I tried to see if I could get out of the cruise, but with no luck. On the sly I called my mother-n-law and explained my situation, she understood. I talked to Nick as well and told him how sorry I was that we would miss his wedding. I felt like the worst daughter/sister-n-law ever!! So yes we missed the wedding :( I really am not starting on a strong footing with my in laws. Well after that whole mess, I finally told Tony what we were doing for his birthday just a couple days before we were heading out to Cali to catch our ship. He was way excited and was so surprised! I loved his reaction, he thought I just lying and trying to get a reaction out of him. It took awhile for him to actually believe me.
Although we missed the wedding, I still feel bad about that, we had a blast on our cruise and in Mexico! We shipped out of San Diego next stop was Cabo, then on to Mazatlan, and last but not least Puerto Vallarta. I know Tony had a great time. Happy Birthday Bubby! I love you mucho mucho!

Vegas baby

So my dad, Trevor (my brother) and I went to Las Vegas for the biggest Jewelry show in the country! We got to stay in the new wing of the Venetian called the Palazzo. It was a beautiful hotel. They just opened on New Years, and sadly you can tell. Everything was gorgeous and well put together, but the service was lacking. When we got to our room it was dirty! Im talking drinks spilled on the couch, handles missing from the drawers, etc. It was pretty bad. So we called the front desk to have them come clean while we went to a few appointments. Three phone calls later, no one showed!! This is no less 3 times we had LEFT our room and still come back to a mess. Finally the girl who is in charge of turning down the beds and applying chocolates got stuck cleaning the mess. She let us know that was not in her job description, (are you kidding me!) Needless to say she did her best and was kind. So if you are planning a trip to Vegas and want to stay somewhere nice the Palazzo might not be your first choice. Enough about that!
I can not even tell you how incredibly busy we were. We woke up bright and early @ 6:30 and went to the show, working our tails off until 11:30-12 at night! I don't think we ever got lunch, other than the water they offer (Does that count as lunch?) We were in Vegas for a full week. I was incredibly exhausted by the end of the week!! We really were able to get SO much done though. It was a very busy and productive trip, and if you ask me a week in Vegas is about 5 days to long.

Forgive the Blogging Slacker!

Ok, so I has been awhile. Sorry :( I have so much stuff that has happened though. So try to keep up :)