Wednesday, September 29, 2010

More Fall time Fun!

Our Patio dressed up for Fall

Watching the Pumpkins get weighed

They were Huge!

I mean seriously! Look at that Monster!

River was asleep for most of it and woke up as we walked to the car

While running errands River got a balloon from the craft store :)

Just chillin... isn't he handsome?!

Fall time has been fun so far...and we are just getting started! My Mom, Sister, Riv and I all went to the Thanksgiving Point Pumpkin Weigh in. There were some seriously HUGE pumpkins! Just a few that we saw get weighed were like over 500 lbs! They also had some really cute crafty booths that were selling homemade goods. There were some really cute items that I think I might try to make, when I get up the courage :) I can't believe how warm it has been even though it is almost October. I'm glad for the warmth, but I think I'm ready for some more cool crisp air. I just hope it doesn't jump right into freezing weather like it does sometimes.
River is getting more teeth and not loving it! He really is a super sweet little guy and his laugh is so contagious :) Things he is enjoying right now include: Anything to do with water, swinging, feeding ducks, playing with balls, looking at books, Disney Movies, laughing, climbing on everything, etc. He is so cute and so much fun! Love you Boogs!!

Just the boogs being the boogs!

Friday, September 24, 2010

Sweet as Pumpkin Pie!

Trying to get the best one! Which one is it going to be...


He kept trying to sit on the pumpkins :)
Proud Mama of the cutest pumpkin in the patch!

I wanted to get some Pumpkins for my front porch and while I was driving (trying to get Riv to take a nap) I saw a house with a yard full of them! When Tony got home I told him I wanted to go pick some up at this house, he told me he had gotten pumpkins there for an activity we did back when we were dating! I thought that was pretty funny that he and I both on our own had found this place :) River got to pick his own and then I got a nice big one, that will be perfect for carving. I also got a cornstalk and put it on my porch too. It looks really festive and totally is getting me in the mood for Fall. I love this time of year :) Some of the treats I plan on making this Fall are:

Apple Cider
Carmel Apples
Sugar Cookies
Pumpkin Roll
Monster Cookies
Carmel Popcorn

Wow! I'm going to get fat! I will be sharing all of these treats so that doesn't happen :) What are some of your Fall time favorite treats?

Monday, September 20, 2010

Fall is here!

Asleep on our drive through the canyon. With cookie on his face!
These pics do not do the canyon justice. It was so beautiful!
So many colors!

My boys
Ava and River
Sleeping soundly :)
Watching the ducks.

I love the Fall! I can't wait to make my first cup of coca and cuddle on the couch in front of a good movie with my two boys! Happy Fall!

Friday, September 17, 2010

Just finished reading this...

This was recommended to me by a few friends. It is one of those books that once you open it you can't put it down! It's about black maids in Mississippi in the 60's and their white bosses. I really loved how real it felt, not sugar coated, yet not nasty just to be nasty. Really an excellent read if any of you are looking for a good book right now. The only thing I wasn't thrilled about was the ending, I didn't feel like it stayed as true to reality as I thought the rest of the book did. But, really it is so good and I highly recommend it. I read it in two days and I'm sure that poor River wants his mommy back! I'm going to have to pace myself on the next good book so I don't end up neglecting my poor child. He came and sat on my lap a couple times and pointed at the book like "what is so interesting about this?" He even tried to flip through the pages trying to find pictures :) I decided I will have to just read a couple hours each night, instead of getting so into it so quick. What do you find works best when trying to read a good book with a little one around?

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Strollathon for Retts

This girl was so cute! I had to get a pic of her getting her face painted!
River beating the balloons with a stick! Such a boy!
Our Angel and star for the day! We love you lanny bug!!
There were Rett Facts posted all over the park. This was the year Chelan was born. We finally found out that she had Retts when she turned 4, because it was so new and unknown.

Look at these beautiful girls!!
Chelan touching the Hedgehog
The girls got to feel animals like hedgehogs!
This is where River liked spending his time :)
Seeing all the animals the trainer brought.
Lining up for the Stroll!

Watching a video of all the girls with Retts in Utah. (There are about 33 in Utah)
Mom, Trevor, Me, River , Chelan, & Dad came later.

This girl has influenced all of our lives in such an amazing way!

This morning we attended the first annual Strollathon for Rett Syndrome in Utah. It was held at the Nielsen Grove Park in Orem. The weather and the park were beautiful! It was so amazing to feel of these girls sweet spirits. They were all so beautiful! Our own group for Chelan raised over one thousand dollars!! Wow! We feel so touched by the love that has been shared by our friends and family. You are all so amazing to help us with this amazing cause. As a whole group that attended we raised over eight thousand dollars that will be doubled by an organization! We are so happy that funding is going to find a cure. You can still donate on our fund raising site until December ( These girls deserve a cure and they are so close to one!! They had really fun events going on as well, an animal trainer, a face painter, crafts and treats. It was all put together so well! It was a wonderful event to be apart of and I hope that I can be more involved next year.

PS. We so appreciate your continued support in voting at Pepsi Refresh, so that Retts can get 250 K in funding this month!! (Link to vote is at the top right of my blog)

I have tried to post a video of the stroll, but it isn't working right now so I will post it later.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Mountain Fun!

The last moments with the binks!
Tony relaxing and enjoying the view from the deck
We are really down to the countdown with the binks now!!
Binks was given to the Deer Valley Mountian. Lunch on top of the mountain.
Cutest boy alive :)
Hangin' with daddy

Heading up the Coaster! SO FUN! (video below)
He thinks he is really cool in his new kicks!

We went to Park City again this year with my family. It is always such a relaxing and fun time! The weather was really just perfect while we were there. Things we did included:
Celebrated my parent anniversary
Celebrated Trev's Bday
Watching movies
eating at wonderful restaurants
riding ski lifts
riding the alpine coaster
sleeping in
We were sort of forced to give up Riv's bink when he decided to chuck it off the ski lift! It was the only one I had brought so he had to go cold turkey with no binks. Every night was ROUGH trying to get him to bed without it, but I guess I just have to move forward now without it. I just hope it gets easier. He gets so enraged about not having it that he even head butted me right in the lip and gave a nice fat lip! Lovely :)
We are so glad my parents invite us to go every year and always have so much fun! I think Tony was especially grateful this year for a break from his rough work schedule :)

(This is a video of the Coaster! I was laughing so hard I was crying and couldn't breathe!)