Monday, May 7, 2012


River has started to combine words! That is big news for us. He is saying "let's go" and " watch out" I'm not sure where he picked up watch out? I'm excited for his progress though!! Good job Riv!
In other news, poor Milo has been sick for the last 5 days. We have had fun filled nights of vomit and diarrhea! Hoping he gets better soon.

Saturday, May 5, 2012

.....TWO, Pie!

In case you were wondering that is how River counts. He doesn't say one, enthusiastically says two, and then for three he says Pie!
So yes River is officially Pie {3}!

Welcome to his 3rd Birthday Party!
I really didn't do much this year since I am counting Hawaii as his Birthday ;)
So it was just a low key event with Family. That's how I like it anyway.

The set up. Luckily I had all the decorations from years before..shhh..don't tell.

My boys are both so lucky to be SO LOVED!! 
River got cards from both his Great Grandma's! Thanks Grandma Barbara and Grandma Jan!

We went to the new Kneaders at the Riverwoods for dinner.
{Thanks Mom and Dad}

River is a total cookie Monster and only ate this cookie for's his Birthday I guess :s

Tony and Uncle Trev gave Riv his gifts at dinner.
A gun that shoots balls and a little crawling spider creature.

The Birthday Crew after our yummy Kneaders dinner!
River showing that he is a proud new owner of a gun :)

He is so wild! haha! I sure do love him!!

From dinner it was a short walk to our...

...Movie! Pirate of Misfits to be exact.
{Thanks Gma and Gpa Foscarini}

Yep there was no getting rid of the gun at that point. Luckily since it was opening night for the Avengers there was only one other group in the theater.
Everyone really enjoyed the movie including River. It was funny and really cute.

Then it was on to our house for presents, cake, and ice cream!

Like usual Riv was spoiled with love and presents!

I have to say these are his favorite gifts so far, his tractor and his Cars red chair!
{Thanks gma and gpa!}

I told River to show the camera what he got. So he did...not exactly what I had in mind...haha!
Tony and I got Riv the first series of signing time, yes there are two series!
The first one had 13 dvd's in it! I don't know when he will get the next set, but he loves signing time and it has totally helped with his speech and helped him better communicate.
So in my book they are totally worth it!
He has already watched three of them and has learned new signs :)

The Cake and Ice Cream Crew:

 Bearded Gma Judi!

Mysterious Gma Debbie!

Crazy Gpa Wil!

Handle bar Mom!

  and Detective Daddy!
{As you can see we lost a couple of Uncles after the Movie :) }

Don't worry Uncles the cake was an epic failure so you didn't miss much in that department.
I have never had a cake turn out so awful!? It totally sunk when I cooked it and was dense instead of being light! I'm usually pretty good at cakes, but I missed the mark this time.
Sorry cake and ice cream crew :(

At least there was a cake to put candles on...right?! haha
The candles were Cars candles, not that River saw them.
As soon as he saw the fire he freaked (he was even in the other room), so Tony did the honors of blowing them out.

River was happy though because he had his favorite candy and new toys!

If you can't tell River is into Cars! Gma gave him another Cars shirt.
I'm not big on the whole character clothing and I know my Mom isn't either (she would NEVER buy them for us growing up, not even underwear), but it seriously makes him so happy! I always try to dress them up a little when he wears them so it's not so lame, but oh well ;)

Riv and his new mini Etch a Sketch

Things got a little crazy...

 ...and silly at the photo station :)

Who's that weirdo?!

Happy Birthday My sweet River!! Mom and Dad love you forever and ever!!

I hope you enjoyed your "Pie" Birthday!!
Love you, love you, love you!!
You are one special boy River!


First Day of Preschool!!

I can't believe my boy is growing up so fast. He just had his first day at preschool! Since he qualified for services through the district he was able to start school on his 3rd birthday :)

Getting ready to impress ;)
There are only 9 kids in his class so it can't be too hard right?!
Especially when you show up with cupcakes and party bags to share for your Birthday ;)

His back pack courtesy of Grandma!
I didn't know where I was going to get one at the end of the school year, so luckily my mom had this lying around the house.
River Loves it!

He was really excited! I have been really trying to explain to him all about preschool and get him ready. He was ready and was excited to be going to his first day!!

He attends Geneva Elementary and his teacher is Miss Shannon (Broadbent).
He will be attending Wed. and Fri. afternoon classes. (12:40-3:30)
She will be working on individual goals (social/emotion and comprehension) with him. He will be seeing a speech therapist 20 mins each class as well.

This was when I dropped him off. He did so well and just said "bye!".  I tried not to be that stalker mom and take a picture, but I couldn't help it. At least I pulled away so they didn't know I was doing it...or does that make it worse...oh well ;)

When I went to pick him up he didn't even want to get in the car! He wanted to ride the bus with the other kids. He will be riding the bus next year, but I figured where there is only a few weeks left in the school year I would just take him this year.


We also had a special visitor! Grandma Foscarini came in town to celebrate Tony and River's Birthday!

The boys really loved getting to spend some time with her.

Random Days

Most days are just typical "random" days.
Here it is...

Being silly...


Bike and wagon rides...

Trips to Bridal Veil Falls...


Riv not minding the freezing water...


Fruit picnics at Gma and Gpa's


Hanging with this Beautiful girl!


Saying goodbye and thank you to all of our great friends at Kids on the Move :( {Tear}


Getting his ride all clean for Spring time!...


don't miss any spots now!


Making Riv's favorite, banana bread...


Hanging with his bud McKyla...


Visiting Uncle at work...

Drawing chalk on the side walk with Kyla and her brother McKoy...


Playing gma's Piano...


Watching movies...


and unfortunately Milo having a sick day today :( Get better bub!