Sunday, July 31, 2011

Pioneer Day in the Canyon

 This year for Pioneer Day we got the Family together and went up the Canyon for a picnic and croquet. It was hot and a little humid, but it was fun! Trevor brought a date along, her name is Katelyn and her son Brooks. Isn't Brooks a beautiful Boy!! So cute.

 Brooks brought a bunch of toys to play with, River loved playing with them, luckily Brooks was pretty good about sharing.

 Tony had his eyeball scratched really bad by River that morning so he just laid low with Milo while we played croquet and ate KFC and Malawai's Pizza.

 I love this pic of Mi, he is so cute!!

 Chelan trying to avoid the sun. We played croquet and Bocce Ball. I dominated in Bocce ball. Katelyn and I dominated in croquet! It was girl/mommy domination!

 My parents and I had gone up the canyon a few days early and it was much cooler and not humid.

 Riv modeling for the camera

 River has loved being outdoors this summer and loves being in the hammock especially with grandma. Not quite sure why my old Cricket Doll made it into the hammock?! haha!

Riv adores Grandpa!! He runs to him whenever he gets home and cries his eyes out when he has to leave :(

My Handsome Crew

 The Handsome Crew (minus the main man..daddy)

 Milo and Riv's relationship is so cute! They truly love each other. Riv is always trying to hold him and kiss him and Milo smiles when his Brother is near. It is super cute!

 River is often impressed with himself...look at him pointing himself out :)

 Mi Man

 Riv is still not loving the camera. It is so hard to get a good pic of him. He sees the camera and screams until the flash goes off then he smiles, by then it is a little late. Haha!

 A true pic of Riv, notice it is blurry. He is always moving and jumping around.

 Mi is still struggling with his weird hair loss :) Some peach fuzz is coming in now, so hopefully that means real hair is on it's way.

 My Complete Handsome Crew!

 Love this boy..

 What a little stud muffin!

 Mi is stretching his long arms!

 I don't know how he was comfortable slouching like this, but babies always seem to be comfortable.

 Mi in his Birthday suit! So cute and Fresh!

 Who doesn't love a little baby bum! :)
(Sorry about Tony in his G's)

 Riv usually wakes up in the morning Happy and ready to go!
(His daddy dressed him for bed if you can't tell ;)
 Mi has the cutest dimples ever! I think his smile is going to kill all the girls!

 Mi has been smiling a lot lately and it melts my heart every time! Love this boy!

Mi still has Blue eyes. Hopefully they will stay blue (fingers crossed)

So I know that everyone always apologizes for posting a lot of pics, but I don't know why they do that? This is my blog for my journaling purposes. So ENJOY if you want, cause I am. :)

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Horse shoes :)

Milo and my Dad have the same hair lines right now! They must like Horse shoes :)

Rive being the artist that he is.

While Tony was gone to Mont Blanc training in New Jersey, The boys and I had a movie night.

Tony brought back cute gifts for the kiddos. Milo got this cute Tiger. (Riv has since stolen it)

and River got this adorable Yankees cap with Da Boogs stitched on the side :)

River isn't a huge fan of hats, but we are working on it.

Milo's Baby Announcement!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Water Baby

Milo has been losing his hair in the funniest way..

Check out that horse shoe man lose!! Poor Milo :)

River is a total water kid (good thing his name is River!)
aka baby water he was nick named by another child :)

He has been loving playing in any fountain he can find this summer! Lucky for me I have a sweet aunt that gave him this adorable shark towel! It is the only way I can get him out of the water. He loves it :)
Thanks Jennie! Riv and I love it :)

This is usually what Milo is up to while Riv plays. I can't wait until they can play together.

Riv loving his life at the Riverwoods Fountians.

So I have to tell you this quick story. When we are out playing in water River always tries to make friends with the other kids, but doesn't quite know how to. He will just walk up to a group and smile and act like they are all friends, but then when the kids run off he thinks they are playing and follows them with a big smile until he realizes they are actually just ditching him! haha! I know it isn't funny it's kind of sad :(  I laugh but really do feel kind of bad for him! Poor guy. It is usually older kids he is drawn to so you can't blame them for wanting to ditch him. It doesn't help his cause that he can't talk either, so he is just the mute kid with a big smile :) I try to help him out sometimes by trying to get him to say hi to them, but no success thus far. Hopefully he will be able to make friends soon.

Milo's Photo shoot

Here are some of the adorable shots that my friend Che was nice enough to take for us! I think Milo was about a week or 2 old in these. I love my sweet Mi Man! He is a sweetie pie and has started to smile a little. It melts my heart when he smiles, he has the cutest dimples :) Che does good work and took pics of me when I was preggo too. Having two kids hasn't been as hard of an adjustment as I thought it might. I know that it will probably get more difficult as Milo get older, but as for now we are doing pretty good. I am getting used to the lack of sleep now so things are running pretty smooth at this point!
Now my focus is getting this baby weight off. I have started to do some work out dvd's so hopefully that helps. I still have a long way to go. It took me a whole year to lose my weight with Riv and I really really don't want it to take that long this time. It is hard for me when I'm nursing because I have such an appetite, I think that is why it took me so long to lose it with Riv, I nursed him for 13 months. I plan to do the same with Milo, so hopefully things will be different this time....please be different!! I hate being overweight and how it makes me feel...yuck! When you were nursing was it easier or harder for you to take off the weight? I have heard both, unfortunately I think I fall in the harder category. What did you do to get the weight off??

Sunday, July 10, 2011

The 4th & other things...

 I love the 4th of July! I love remembering how blessed we are to be citizens of the most amazing country in the world, our Freedom, all the people who support that Freedom, and of course the colors RED, WHITE & BLUE! River and Milo were decked out for the special occasion. We went to the Stadium of Fire on the 2nd, which is tradition for my family. It was fun, but hard with a 2 year old this year.
 We relaxed in my parents hammock and played out door games too.
 More relaxing being done by Chelan and Milo :)
 On the actual 4th Tony and I went out to eat with the kids then took them to Cars 2 with their uncles. Milo looked cute in his little 4th getup!
 Mi Man rockin his Red, White and Blue! What a stud!! Love him :)
 We went to eat at Malawazi's Pizza...there dessert pizzas are so so good!!
 River has turned into a bit of a  Diva and doesn't like when he sees the camera come out.
 Running through the water fountains before the movie. He was soaked so watched the movie in his onsie!
 Riv rockin his Red, White and Blue! You can see me trying to coax him into getting his pic taken :)
 We discovered this year that Riv is TERRIFIED of fireworks!! Like running for cover and shaking! I felt really bad for him and don't know where the fear came from. Grandpa stayed inside with him while the fireworks were going off to comfort him.
 I found Riv trying to get into Milo's car seat. It had fallen over and he was stuck! Like a bad Mommy I laughed at him and took pictures :)
 My sweet little Mi Man wearing his boxing gloves :)
 Mi is really getting bigger everyday! Check out those cute rolls.
 So I am never in any pics, mostly because I'm taking them, and partly cause I don't want to be :) But I figured my boys need to know they had a mother when they were little so I asked my Mom to snap a quick shot.
My Loves hanging out at breakfast. Man I love these boys!!