Friday, January 28, 2011

Things I'm loving right now...

I am seriously obsessed with Febreze spray! My only complaint is it never last long enough!

I just tried this bathroom cleaner and really like it! Especially for metal surfaces, it really makes them shine.

I couldn't live without Oxy clean for Riv's stains. It is the only pretreater I use and the only one I ever have to! Love this stuff! I also go through this way to fast.

My favorite Sippy cup so far is this Munchkin brand. It never leaks and keeps Riv's drinks cold for so much longer.

These on the other hand I am not a big fan of. I had these first and liked the silicone top, but after awhile the silicone starts to leak from the spout. I only use these if all my others are dirty.

So I know this is a random post, but I am always trying new things and would love your advice on what things (however random) you really like as well. I always hate it when I try something new and feel disappointed. So if you have a product you love let me know so I don't have that disappointed feeling and can save some money :)

I'm convinced Mommy's/ Wifes are the best shoppers so I know you have some good secrets :)

Vday Project

Fun and easy V-day wreath

River has been either dodging the camera or making funny faces lately

Riv happy daddy is home from work!

So I have been feeling really uncreative lately. I hate when I get like that, so I really needed a little craft project to get the creative juices flowing again. I just happened to see this adorable wreath craft on Best Bites and I thought it was really cute. They said it was pretty easy so I figured I couldn't go wrong. It was pretty easy, just takes some time. I thought it turned out really cute and I'm really happy with it. What do you think? I did use more felt then they said on the tutorial and think mine turned out better then hers :) I used 15 sheets each instead of only 10.

Friday, January 21, 2011


(I had to throw in a cute pic of my sweet boogs)

Ok, so do you ever find yourself looking at blogs, magazines, or whatever it may be and seeing all these amazing things people are doing around you. Then you realize that you feel tired just from thinking about all the stuff they seem to do so easily!! AH! I know this is something that we all do to ourselves, but I'm over it and I hate that feeling of never feeling enough. It isn't that I'm jealous of others talents, I actually think it is wonderful what others can do, but why must I project it onto myself? I know I'm 18 wks pregnant and that might have something to do with my lack of energy these days, but lets be honest...a lot of the time my laundry piles up in the laundry room whether it's dirty or clean! My trash cans always seem to be full. My son is a handful and I'm not loving this disciplining stuff at all! (I don't think I'm good at it) Not to mention dinner...what's that? How on earth do others have the energy and time to do all this wonderful stuff. I am pleased with myself if I have a clean kitchen and did a load of laundry :) haha! I don't want to project others talents onto myself because that is just nonsense, but what have you found in your life to give you more routine and more structure to be able to do a few of the extra things you want to do?

PS. Please don't think that I'm all emotional about this subject I just feel that I have room to grow and want to get some insights. (Even though I know the pregnancy hormones are flowing because I shed a tear today over a song on the radio! haha! I AM NOT A CRIER! What is happening to me :)

Thursday, January 20, 2011

The Pool with my Boys

His Favorite: The Slide

Just hangin with his Daddy

You can see trouble in this kids eyes :)

Playing at Grandma's house

On Tony's day off we decided we needed to do something to break up this cold winter weather. Lehi has a indoor pool so we figured that would help us feel a little bit more like Spring. River really loved being there and going down the slides. It was a really nice break from all the cold snow! We are all loving that Tony has a day off now, especially Riv. He really needs his Daddy time.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

#2 and still seeing BLUE!!

I totally surprised everyone and got an early ultrasound.

I am not a patient person and had to know who was going to join us. I was really excited to hear it was another boy. I love my boy and he would love a companion.

The Ultrasound tech asked if I had any kids and what they were. I told her I had one little boy. As she got started he was moving around a lot and she hadn't said what he was yet, but I saw it and knew he was a boy. The tech said well he is moving a lot and I think I know what it is but I want a better image. I said "it's a boy!" she then said yeah well that's what I think but lets get a good image. And she did! All boy :)

We are excited to announce the coming of another Boy into the Foscarini Family! He is Due June 22 and we couldn't be more excited :) River is going to have a partner in crime, just what every boy needs :) We are so excited to expand our little family. It is hard to believe that we will soon be 4! This pregnancy has been a totally different experience for me then with River. I was SO SICK with Riv and the whole nine months too! It was awful! I feel incredibly blessed that I have not been sick at all with this pregnancy!! (Thanks to B6 and unisom) It has seriously been such a blessing to not be sick and I feel so lucky. I don't know how Mom's are so sick and have kids to take care of! Well Mom's any advice for a mommy getting ready to have her second??

Christmas 2010! (A little late)

I'm so behind! Well this Christmas was wonderful! Tate was able to be home and of course we ate wonderful food and enjoyed many of our wonderful traditions. River loves music and loved playing on the piano with Tate.

River of course was the star of the show for Christmas. He got so many fun gifts, he is totally spoiled, but not rotten :) He really enjoyed opening gifts this year.

One of my families traditions is to open English crackers that are filled with a surprise and a crown you have to wear during dinner. So here we all are sporting our crowns at Christmas Eve dinner. Queen Chelan!

King Colonel

King Tater tot

Mom always makes WONDERFUL food for dinners, breakfast, etc. for the holidays. Dinner was delish as always :)

Another family tradition is we open all of our tree presents on Christmas Eve including a new pair of jammies. These were Riv's Christmas Eve Jammies. Then on Christmas Day we open Santa gifts.

River is Obsessed with being thrown up in the air. Uncle Trevor and Tate were totally exhausted! He will just keep coming back for more, he will just stand under them with his arms up smiling. How can you say no to that cute face :) So they always get a good work out.

Uncle Trev got Riv a really cute train track that River loved and still loves. The perfect gift for a little boy. Even the big boys were playing with it :)

This is how excited Riv gets when he gets tossed in the air! haha! Look at his face, this pic just makes me laugh :)

Santa visited! Man was River spoiled, but he was such a good boy all year ;)

So I do have to say this was probably a Toy Story Christmas. He got Toy Story 3 and a little Toy Story bike that has Buzz Lightyear on it. It was by far his favorite Toy!!! He is totally obsessed with it. Thanks for that one Santa aka Grandpa :)

Him on his Buzz Ride. He also got a ton of toy cars that he also loves!

I just had to throw this pic in because he finally has enough hair to play with :) Yay!

River also received Buzz jammies and they look so cute on him.

Another Family tradition is playing games and this is a fun new one we got Qwirkle.

Tony and Riv playing with his many toys Legos, cars, trains, hammer in pegs, etc.

Christmas is always such a great time of year! We love spending time with Family and just getting to enjoy each others company. There is nothing quite like the love of Family. I know that we are so blessed to be surrounded by family. We have the best Families anyone could ask for, we truly love all of you and hope you all had as wonderful of a Christmas as we did. Of course this time of year we remember what the season is all about...the birth of our Savior. How blessed we are to know all that he did for us. It is always a special time to get to sit around the fireplace and a beautiful Christmas tree and read of Christ's birth. Love you all!
Merry Christmas 2010!!