Saturday, December 24, 2011

Christmas Eve 2011

 As is tradition in my Family, on Christmas Eve, we open all our Family gifts. Then on Christmas Day we open "Santa" gifts.

 Milo really enjoyed Christmas! He loved unwrapping his gifts and playing with the paper and bows.

 It has also always been tradition that we get Christmas Jammies, and they are always the first presents opened. 

 Milo in his first Christmas Jammies!

 My boys, looking handsome and festive!

 Milo enjoying the unwrapping process.

 Riv gracing us with his new Christmas Jammies.

 This year my Dad decided on his own to start a new tradition of "Crazy" Christmas Jammies.

 All grown ups received footsie jammies! It was hilarious and so much fun, thanks for going to all the work to find them in everyone's size dad. It is going to be a great tradition.
Tony: Tweetie Bird (actually girls, but only one found in Tony's size.) 
Trevor: The Grinch (loved the Grinch faces on the toes!)
Tate: Mickey Mouse (also girls, but again a size issue)
Dad: Snowmen
 Mom & I: Pink Bunny Rabbits (with faces on feet)

 Riv loved Mickey Mouse on Tate's Jammies!

 The Girls decked out in our pink!
I do have to say those footsie Jammies sure do keep you warm :)

 The Grinch and his Reindeer ;)

 River has been watching The Grinch, so when he saw Trevor's jammies he ran over and started hitting the Grinch in the face! It was so funny!! He know the Grinch is bad I guess.

 Uncle Tate got Riv a full sized Buzz. Riv is in love! He even gently tucked Buzz into the covers when he went to bed. :)

 Everyone having fun and of course everyone being very spoiled...

 especially these two!

I just don't think you get any cuter then this! Love this little man!
Merry Christmas Eve!
Can't wait to see what Santa brings for these two very good boys ;)


What we've been up to...

 I'll let the pics do most of the talking for this post. This is what we have been doing as of late.

 Trying to stay warm...


 Being silly...

( River is so funny, I have these blocks that spell "JOY" and I kept noticing that the J was upside down so I kept putting it how it should be. Finally, I saw Riv come over and turn in upside down?! I guess he likes it better that way! haha!)

 Making Christmas goodies...

 Eating Baby food for the first time...


 Wrapping presents...

 Hanging out with Family...

 Christmas Shopping...

 Loving each other...

more trying to stay warm...

 Basking in the glow of the Christmas trees...

And loving this holiday season!