Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Just Bragging :)

Happy Father's Day!

Tony loving River!

Fateher's Day dinner with family
Riv looking at Daddy :)

This was Tony's first Fathers Day as a Daddy. He has been such a wonderful, tender, loving Father to River. They both adore each other, as soon as Tony walks through the door River starts following him with his eyes and once Tony starts talking to him he smiles, so cute :) Tony has felt a little left out while working and finishing up classes, but he is finishing his classes today! So he can see Riv a little more now, and I know he can't wait. We are dinner at my parents, soaked hamburgers were the request, they are so yummy! Happy Fathers Day Tony! I love u! I gave both Tony and my Dad pictures framed of Riv that they can take to work and brag :) I am blessed with both a great Father of my own (they don't come any better) and a great Father for my child :) Love u both!


Kelsey, River and cute!
There was a Life Flight Heli

Jill Gant & I went to Orem's Summerfest this year. It was fun to just walk around the booths and get some ice cream on a hot day. I go to summer fest every year for the carnival rides! I always say carnival rides are the best, because you could actually die on one! haha! It just make the thrill that much more intense :) My favorite carni ride has to be the Zipper. It is so much fun, it was there this year but Jill and I both had our kids so we didn't go :( It was fun just to watch people get on though. Jill's little girl Alea is only four days older then River and they were both sound asleep the whole time, even when we went and listened to some live music that was playing SUPER LOUD!! It was a really fun day. I met up with Cheyenne & Tyson Anderson later that night for the parade on Center St. Her grandparents live right on Center so we had great seats. There weather was really nice for the parade, but literally as the last float went by it started to rain, so it was perfect timing I guess. I always love June and July festivities! Can't wait for the 4th of July! It is my favorite Holiday :)

Friday, June 12, 2009

A whole new kind of River Dancing!

You have to watch this! Tony and I cry laughing every time we do :)

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Rivy Trying to Talk

Tony and I were trying to get Riv to talk a little bit :) It is pretty funny how even the littlest sound makes us so excited!! haha! I guess that is the joy of being parents.

Pic updates of River :)

My baby boy is growing so fast! Everyone still says that they don't think he looks like Tony or I?! I don't know where this little guy came from?? He is so dang cute though :) He is starting to get more of his own look though, not just that baby look anymore. He seems to be getting longer, but not getting to much fatter. I guess he will be like his daddy, long and skinny :) We sure do love this little guy so much!!!

Weekend Fun

River got a bath for our Saturday of fun, he wasn't loving it as you can see from the pic. Tony, Riv and I went to the Utah Lake Festival on Saturday. I guess it is something that is new, it was fun but probably more for little kids. The Lake was beautiful though, there were a ton of sail boats out too. Tony and I really want to learn to sail :) The weather was perfect for a day outside. After strolling around the Lake we were hungry and decided to go to this Hawaiian BBQ place in Orem Tony had been to, it was pretty good! It was still a beautiful day and we didn't want to waste it so we decided it would be nice to go up to Sundance. It was so pretty up there! It is so green in the canyon from all the moisture!! So pretty! River was so good the whole day so I decided he deserved a little reward, so while we were in the General store I found these adorable dolls. They are all handmade from Peru, I thought they were so cute! We got River the Racoon and named him "Cooni", they are made by blabla and you should check out all there cute dolls @ I like them so much I think I will get Riv one for every Birthday :)

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Good Mommy's don't let this happen!

I was having a little fun at Riv's expense, A bead broke off of my skirt so I decided it would be funny to see if I could balance it on Riv's nose while he was sleeping! haha! It did balance, and I was laughing so hard! My mom told me not to be mean :( So, sorry riv, but he just looked so funny :) Good mommies don't let their little boy soak his clothes, blanket, binki, face, and new diaper. Riv was all upset right before this pic, but when he got hit in the face with his own stuff, I think he got a little stunned! :) Poor little guy, what a mean mommy!

2 Years Together, One Month with Riv!

June 1st 2007 was the day that Tony and I made it official! I can't believe that it has been 2 years already, and at the same time it feels like it has been so much longer :) Tony and I met at our singles ward. We had both been in the same ward for a long time but had never really known each other, which is kind of weird because our friends were friends with each other. I was so not interested in him!! I actually thought he was a loser haha! But, one day we sat next to each other in sacrament meeting and started talking, so I invited him over to my condo to play games with me and some friends. He to this day thinks that I was totally into him and that is why I invited him over, SO untrue!! I was not even thinking like that, but just figured since our friends were friends we should be to. So to Tony that night of games was our first date, but to me our first date was the next night when he asked me to go to dinner. We went to PF Changs for our first date and I will never forget the fact that I totally biffed it!!! I mean hard, I slipped on the floor when we were walking to our table and fell on my butt, hitting a chair on my way down knocking it over and my skirt went up! It was so loud!! haha! The whole restaurant went silent (for real, I'm not just trying to be dramatic) some guys from a table close by ran over to see if I was ok!! I just bounced up as fast as I could and kept walking. Luckily, Tony was in front of me and didn't even see it happen. I had the biggest briuse for the next week. I knew then that I was really comfortable with Tony though, because normally I would have been mortified, but I really wasn't?! I guess I knew then there were a lot more moments to be shared between us and I'm sure they wouldn't all be glamorous! :) I love you Tony and I am so glad that we ended up together, You are a wonderful husband and becoming a wonderful Father. I love you!!

River turned one month old on are 2 year anniversary! I thought that was a fun thing. He is growing so fast and really getting his own look. I still don't think that he looks to much like either one of us, he has his own look I guess. I love love love him and can't get enough of his adorable little face!! Happy One month Rivy! Mommy loves you more then you can know :)