Monday, April 30, 2012

River's Hobby

River is now a photographer!


He thinks it is so funny to take pics of Mom taking pics!


I always find random pics on my camera and now on my phone as well!


I guess he was checking on his brother?

 This is my personal favorite! :)


Oh and he is slowly getting into movie making ;)
River has a pretty tight schedule with Preschool beginning soon, so if you would like to book any sessions with him you may need to take a number! 
He is pretty high demand, with the talents he has ;)

Love ya Buddy! Keep up the good work!

Aloha 2012!

I have to say that I am so lucky to have kids that travel really well! I have only had one flight that was awful. That was when riv was about 11 months and it was AWFUL!! But all other times my kids have been excellent!! So grateful for that, but I still always get nervous. You just never know what your going to get with kids :)
The flight over felt like it would never end! It was very LONG, I used to go with my Family every year so I have taken that flight several times. It has never felt that long!
{Luckily the red eye on the way home felt so much quicker!}

Well, I guess I should start from the beginning. I decided for Tony's BIG Birthday {30} this year, it required a BIG Surprise Celebration! What better way to celebrate then in Hawaii!!?
I LOVE Hawaii and couldn't wait to surprise Tony on Easter that we would be leaving the next day for a week long adventure in the Aloha State.

We dressed the boys in crazy Hawaiian shirts for the flight over to get them ready ;)


I'm telling you....Lucky! This is what the boys did most of the time on the plane.


Finally the fun begins!!
We went to the Island of Maui and stayed at the Sheraton. It was beautiful!


Pool time was everyday and River wouldn't have had it any other way! 
I tell ya that kids is a water bug.


While River and Tony hung out in the water most of the time. Milo and I sat pool side and relaxed.


River walking on water! ;)


Milo usually would take a nap after taking a quick dip in the pool.


I didn't mind sittin' with my baby. Except when I got sun burnt the first day. DANG IT!

It was so fun to have Milo learning to take his first steps in Hawaii!
Everywhere we went people went crazy of Milo!


 Me and my Happy Milo :

Gotta love an Ocean Sunset. Sigh!


Every sunset a guy would go light torches along that lava ridge and then jump off the cliff.
{That is our hotel right next to the rocks}

We had some wonderful food on this trip.
Longhi's is a family favorite! We always go there for breakfast. Their french toast can't be beat!

The view isn't bad either! This is right across the street from Longhi's. So you get to enjoy this view with the doors all open blowing fresh ocean air in. Now that is a good way to eat breakfast!

River was "speaking" to the waves.


We visited an awesome aquarium while there. The kids liked it so much we ended up going twice!


Getting to touch a star fish. I hate sea animals, they freak me out. So I was glad to just be taking the picture.


This was the coolest part of the aquarium! It was the shark tank! Riv and Milo both loved it!


Just taking a break from the pool long enough for a snack.


I loved having this big rimmed hat to block the sun. It was wonderful!


We went and visited the other side of the island one day.
This is the Grand Wailea, This is where my family stayed for years.
It is Beautiful! The grounds just can't be beat!


Look at the beauty! Unreal!


We decided to let the kiddos play on the Wailea Beach.


I do have to say, I totally prefer the pool to the beach with kiddos.


Milo just wanted to eat sand...


...and River just wanted to run into the Ocean as far as he could.
I'm glad I didn't have a heard attack, but almost!


What is it about kids and water?! River could live at the beach.


Luckily with all that playing in the sun River was always ready for bed.


We found this little gem of a Restaurant right off the Highway. It was kind of in the middle of no where, but worth the trip!


This was just to funny!
I know he will kill me one day, but what are you going to do ;)


I'm telling you! Good Food! Got this Delicious chicken from some locals grilling on the side of the road.

We were so proud of River, by the end of the trip River could swim by himself!! {He of course still had a life vest on}

He loved the sense of freedom and would swim all over the pool and wouldn't want us to touch him. 
He just wanted to be a big boy!
Good job bud!!


Milo wasn't a huge fan of the pool, he would only take it in small doses.


Having the time of his life!



Loving my Babies in Hawaii, it doesn't get any better!


Well we had an amazing week in Paradise! 
Happy 30th {Tony}, 3rd {River} & 1st {Milo} Birthday's Guys!
Oh and Happy 5th Anniversary to Tony and I!
Yep we were there for all those reasons! lol!