Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Dumb blogspot!

Sorry folks! I have more to come but it wont let me download pics right now :(


Check out Tony's form!
It was pretty funny cause as you can see I was slipping on my jeans! I almost fell but made a quick save! I am so clumsy!! haha
Tony's game face!

Ok, so first I have to apologize for how long it has taken me to update. Tony and I have been super busy with work and school for Tony. So this semester has been fun in the fact that Tony and I get to spend Tuesday's together! He has school in the morning and then no work, and I don't work on Tuesday's. So it has been "Our day of Fun!" So I took some pics of the stuff we usually end up doing on our Tuesday's. These pics are of us bowling! It was a random thought to go, and it was in the afternoon so it was a little bit of a different crowd. Lets just say lots of bumper bowling, I guess it was Spring break for some local schools. It was pretty funny! We got some pretty low scores, but had fun none the less :)