Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Much needed Update

I love this sweater on him!
With his Auntie
Lots of Smiles from da boogs

River is almost always Rockin a cute hat :)

It has been a while! Things have been very busy for all of us. River and I have been busy at work with the Christmas rush. River is also getting a tooth on his bottom gums, hopefully it will break through soon. He is also suffering from a cold :( But is handling it like a champ! Tony has also been busy at work and tries to come and get River from me at the store when he gets done with work every night, because Riv and I have been pulling some late nights at the store. I know I'm very behind on the blog, so I decided I would post a bunch of cute pics of Riv :)
I have several new posts below too, so check them out.

Merry Christmas & A Happy New Year!

I love Christmas Trees...Sigh

We were watching War of the Worlds on TV, I guess River got a little scared :(
Oh Christmas Tree...

Admiring the tree

I have to say that working in Retail can really ruin the holidays for you. I find myself feeling like Christmas just passes by without having a chance to relax and enjoy every warm fuzzy. That's why I love Christmas trees, the decorating, and the warm glow of the lights. I love that all my ornaments have a special meaning and story behind them. I love coming home from a busy/crazy day at work and just flipping on the tree lights and letting all the stresses and worries melt away in the warm glow. Christmas really is such a special time, and even if I can't enjoy it like I wish I could I will always have a beautiful tree to come home to every night that helps remind me that Christmas isn't about all the craziness in the malls, it's about our Savior and his love for us and learning to share that love with others. Merry Christmas! Enjoy your Christmas Season, because I know I will :)

Sesame Street Live!

He loved his Elmo Balloon!
The characters would come and say hi to the kids. Here is Bert or Ernie, I don't know which one?
Watching his Beloved Elmo

For River's 6 month B-day Tony got him Sesame Street Live tickets. Well Sat. the 12th we attended the show at the E Center. It was a lot of fun to see how excited all the kids got, especially when Elmo came on stage! I have been to a lot of Concerts, but I gotta say going to a "kids concert" is a very different experience!! haha! It was so funny because there were actual security guards that had to block the stage so when the little kids would run up during the show they would have to send them back to their seats! haha!! It was pretty funny to watch these grown men security guards looking like they would rather kill themselves then be at a Sesame Street concert having to endure the pain. :) River liked the show and had a lot of fun. We even got sucked into buying him a WAY to expensive Elmo balloon, but he loved it probably more then the show, so whatever. Tony and I are just glad we can do fun things like this with River and make some fun memories. What parents do for their kids :)

Lovin Bath Time

Riv loves his bubble baths
Caught Red handed!

Oh yeah! That really happened!!
He was to embarrassed to show his face :)

River has really learned to love bath time lately! I have given him some bath toys to play with, but his favorite is just a cup, typical :) He has also learned that the toilet roll is a very fun toy to play with. He just loves watching all the paper fall to the floor and keeps rolling the cardboard roll in protest once all the paper has fallen. The bathroom has always been a place to get clean, but WOW! we really needed to clean him up after this poopy mess!! ( Sorry if the pics gross you out) I could not believe what I saw when I went to change Riv's diaper yesterday morning!! Of course it was right before we were supposed to be at work, haha! I had him all dressed ready to go and just needed to throw my clothes on and then we would be out the door, NOPE. He had somewhat of an explosion of poop! He has never had something this bad before, poor little guy. I had to just strip him down (which was hard to do without getting him more dirty) and plop him right in the tub. River got two baths that morning :) Gross, gross, gross! I had to have proof to show Tony, I knew he wouldn't believe me otherwise. I'm sure all you mommy's have had similar experiences. :)

First High Chair

River sat in his first High chair at the beginning of this month. It was the first time we felt like he would be able to sit up and not slide right through the bottom. We were so proud of him :) He is growing up so fast, but we still need to remember that he is just a baby. We were letting him suck on a cracker in his new high chair, but the end broke off in his mouth and he tried to swallow it before it was soggy. It ended up getting stuck in his throat and he started choking! Tony and I weren't sure what to do, finally Tony just stuck his whole finger down Riv's throat and pushed the cracker down. It was really scary! River didn't even cry, he just looked at Tony like "Thanks". Needless to say, no more crackers for River just yet.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Thanksgiving in Georgia

Riv Loved Aunt Nikki

Best Frequent Flyer

Just chillin on the plane

Happy Thanksgiving!

What is it with boys and guns? Riv loved shooting!

In Helen Georgia

Do you see a resemblance?!

This is the one Riv picked! I left Tony to name it so I could go watch the birthing tree give birth to a new cabbage patch, bad idea...his name is Bubba Jenkins! haha

You can pick out your own baby out of the patch

He was lovin it!

Riv fit right in the baby patch :)

Babyland was so dang cute, even the staff were dressed like nurses!

Babyland General Hospital
(This is were Cabbage Patch Dolls are Born)

Nick and Nikki @ Big Pie in the Sky Pizza. Yum!
(It was featured on the Food Network)

Riv and Daddy on top of SM

Uncle Nick w/ Riv @ SM

Stone Mountain

Tony, River and I were lucky enough to be able to spend a whole week in Georgia this Thanksgiving. Georgia is always beautiful this time of year with all the leaves changing. We were able to do a lot of fun things while we were there because we had so much time to spend there. Tony's brother Nick and his wife Nikki took a week off of work so we were able to spend a lot of time with them too :) Tony's brother Doug was able to finally meet River, and they really loved each other. Of course Grandma and Grandpa Foscarini were thrilled to have River for a whole week! Here are some of the fun things we did there:

Visited Stone Mountain: A Solid granite Mountain, Very Cool.
Visited Helen Georgia: A little Bulgarian looking town.
Visited Babyland General Hospital: The cutest place ever!
Thanksgiving Dinner of Course: Yummy!!
I made Sweet Potato Crunch for the first time: It was a hit :)
River fired his first BB gun: He was giddy with excitement
Lots of Wii Bowling: To bad Tony and I are no good :(
Saw New Moon : From what I saw I liked it
Family Pictures and River getting spoiled all week long!

We really had a excellent time and are so grateful to Tony's parents for all they do for us. It was a wonderful Thanksgiving. We have so much to be thankful for, but the most important is the gospel we have in our lives, Our sweet River, Family, Friends, & Work. Tony and I truly feel like we have always been taken care of by the Lord and our Families, we are truly Blessed!