Friday, November 18, 2011

We have a Sitter Folks!

 Look at those Baby Blues!
 Riv given Mi a hug :)
 Just playin' around, so cute!
 This little guy is now sitting by himself!! Way to go Milo!!
 I don't know what happened to his pants or his sock! haha!
 Mi loves his new found freedom of sitting upright.
 What a stud :)
 Riv admiring the Fall leaves
 Using his cart as a cookie ;)
 My boys...sigh :)
 Ok this is way late, but I forgot to post a pic of these cuties in the Halloween Pj's.
 My Happy little man.
 Poor Riv had a sick day recently. Being Mommy on sick day is NO fun either.
Riv got a little more cuddly when he wasn't feeling well.

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Remembering Lulu month ago today sweet Lucy left this life to finish her mission on the other side.  In her short 15 months on earth she touched many lives including mine. She was beautiful, sweet, feisty, and full of smiles. Her life was full of surgeries and hospital stays, but even through it all she smiled. Lucy has left many behind that miss her very much! Her parents loved her and did all possible to keep her happy, loved, and did everything medically possible to help her. They were truly loving servants to Lucy and their two other children. 
When something so precious is taken, what seems to be too early, it brings up so many questions. Questions that seem will never be fully answered. We all know the "right" answers, answers I truly believe...Her earthly mission was complete,  She was needed on the other side,  Everything is in Heavenly Father's time and hands, Lulu is in a better place, etc. Knowing these answers to be true does provide comfort, but doesn't take away the feelings of such lose. I loved this sweet girl and miss her. I can't even begin to imagine what my dear friends Eliza and Chuck (her parents) feel on a daily basis. Lucy's brother and twin sister will remember her through photos and videos. They both should know how many special gifts Lucy had and will continue to share with them from the other side.

Lucy, Thank you for showing me how to love deeper, fight harder, and SMILE through the hard times. You have taught me that we all have missions to complete in this life and have given me more motivation to trust more fully in God's plan for all of us. You did so much in such a small amount of time! You are and always have been a sweet angel. Love you!

Chuck, Eliza, Jack and Hazel, Thank you for teaching me how to truly serve the ones we love. Thank you for your example of strength. I know you don't feel strong, but you are! You are doing one of the hardest things in this life...and doing it well. That you are doing it at all makes you strong! You have shown comfort to me in your time of need. That is strength! I hope you all know so many love you, including me. Lucy was able to be amazing because she had amazing parents! Love you all!

You will always be remembered sweet lulu!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

The many looks of Milo

 Skeleton @ Cornbelly's
 Pumpkin @ Day Care (while Riv is at his sensory class w/me.)
 Elmo @ The Water Conservation Pumpkin Parade
Chicken @ Halloween Night!

This boy was quite busy with his costume changes! I guess that is what happens when you follow a older brother that has always been two things for Halloween!
Well I just wanted to post this so I could remember how cute he was in all of his costumes!

Poor Milo had been really suffering the last 2 weeks. He would just cry uncontrollably at times during the day and then at night. It was awful not knowing what he needed, I could tell he was in a lot of pain. I was also really getting sleep deprived! He even got a hoarse was really pathetic and sad :( I finally took him to the Dr. to see if he was sick, but the Dr. said he wasn't and that I should just give him some tylenol. Well, that didn't help. Finally, the night I was supposed to take the kids to our ward Halloween Party, Milo started screaming again. This time I was at my Mom's house and she said how he was behaving reminded her of how my sister Chelan reacted when she would get acid reflux. I looked up acid reflux online and found that he had all the symptoms including the hoarse voice. (I was kind of annoyed that my Dr. didn't pick up on that.) My Mom didn't want Riv to miss the ward party so she offered to stay with Milo and try to soothe him while I took Riv to the Party, which I really appreciated! As soon as I got back from the party I took Milo to an Urgent Care and got a prescription for some antacid. It totally has changed our lives! I have my sweet, smiley, Milo back! I am so grateful that he doesn't have to suffer anymore. His voice is still hoarse, but I'm hoping that will go away soon. Have any of you had this with your kids? It's awful, right?!

Halloween Part 2

 Finally the big day arrived...Halloween! Of course as is tradition we had to go visit Grandpa and Daddy at the store. The store is always apart of the Downtown Provo Trick or Treat event.
 River followed the green monster feet and got a treat!
 One proud papa showing off his kiddos at the office!
 Our sweet Chick!! (Isn't he cute!! I can't resist him!)
 Proud Grandpa!
 River spent his first year of life in this store while I worked so he already LOVES the store, but Milo will have to learn about the store through visits.
 Me and my babies! (Riv was in the photo mood, but you can see his head at the bottom of the pic.)
 Riv getting his treat from his beloved Grandpa
 The boys at the store :) Good times!
 Then it was on to the real Trick or Treating. We always go to my parents neighborhood. It is always fun to see all the neighbors I grew up with and to show off my cuties of course ;)
 fighting the bushes, I guess boys just fight everything?!
 I never remember a Halloween night being such perfect weather! It was beautiful!
 The Candy journey begins!
 River was so slow! haha! We only went to a few homes.
 He dropped everything as soon as he saw the candy! (literally!)
 My sweet neighbors the Pusey's still being great sports at Halloween.

 My boys!

It was such a beautiful night we stayed on the porch to hand out candy. River just kept handing candy to my Mom to open! He had a sugar rush, but then crashed right around bed time...perfect! Halloween was a great time this year! Hope you all had a great time as well.
Happy Halloween!!

Halloween Part 1

 Our first Halloween stop was to the Orem Water Conservation. We go to their Pumpkin Parade Contest every year. I feel like it has gotten better every year too! We went with my Mom and Chelan. River had a lot of fun showing off his costume for the first time. Milo wasn't quite sure what to think!
 River was the cutest Peter Pan ever! I even got him to keep his hat on for the majority of the time!
 River also loved his accessories which included a sword, and buried treasure. He actually used his sword a couple of times, like when a women tried to stamp his hand, he just pointed his sword at her to ward her off! (I got stamped instead.)
 Milo was Elmo. I'm glad too because his costume was nice and warm.
 I have to say that both my boys got quite the oh's and ah's, but Milo officially stole the show! All the kids thought he was the REAL Elmo and kept coming up to him and screaming "Elmo!" in sheer delight. It was pretty cute! All the parents including me just had to have a good laugh. I think the kids would have asked for his autograph if they knew what that was!
 Proud grandma of the cute Peter Pan
 River actually understood some of the activities this year...
 ...bean bag toss was his favorite!
 I LOVE these boys more then they will ever know!!
 So glad Grandma and Aunt Chelan could join us.
 Coloring his Halloween picture!
 Donuts!! Riv loves anything sweet.
 Mi was a little fussy, but Grandma came to the rescue.
 Our next stop was our ward Halloween Party (Suncrest 7th). This is River supposed to be listening to directions to a game, but instead he...
 ...danced in the middle of the room...
 ...played the piano...
 ...looked for candy...
 ...warned of rebellion...
 ...gave a talk (in jibberish he still doesn't speak)...
 ...greeted Daddy when he came from work...
 ...& battled Dracula!! Haha!
 River was scared of Trunker Treating?!
 He liked the candy though :)
Overall it was all a good test run for the real thing :)