Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Squeaky Clean!

I was in desperate need for some body wash! I had completely run out and was starting to use shampoo as a filler. I know gross :( I just have been super busy and feel like I never have time to do anything anymore, let alone shop. I had ENOUGH and made a quick pit stop at target. I found this really cute, fairly big bottle (perfect won't run out as fast as my last one!) and best of all the smell. It kind of smells a little like a guys cologne, not so much that you smell completely like a boy though. It is really a good moisturizer too! Let me know of anything you have found that are fun finds, even basic stuff like soap!


So I have friends with really cute children! Here is Baby Jack, and two of the cutest girls you will ever meet Leila & Kelsey. I hope my pics don't start getting boring. I will continue to post other thing too, I promise. I just feel like my friends and family will make for perfect critics! So be honest on how you think my pics are turning out. :)

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Photo 101

So here are a few more pics I took. The yorki is my old dog (my mom stole him) Ande. The cat is my cat Oli, he is looking outside wishing he could bask in the sun. Then the Pom is my little dog Teddy. He was hard to shoot because he is so dark. Tell me what you think of these as well. Thanks!


So I am taking a photography class! I have really enjoyed it. Only problem is during most of the class I didn't have a camera :( So I am a little behind because I have not been able to practice. When I finally got a camera I took Tony out to a park and made him be my model. He did pretty good, but started to get bored. He is a very handsome model! Thanks Bub for being patient. I'm posting some for your thoughts on them. I am just starting so obviously have a lot of room to grow, so leave your thoughts please. :)