Friday, October 22, 2010

Halloween Party/ Play date

Lincoln (Part of a pumpkin patch)

Pin the tail on the cow (thanks mer for the cute poster)

Halloween coloring!

Treats (they weren't all there yet, but they were all good)

The chaos begins :)

Cindy and her daughter Cylie (little miss muffett)

Cindy's son Carter (spider)

Riv (the cowboy)

Knox (the pumpkin)

Miss Ava (fairy princess)

Finley (pirate)

Alea (princess belle)

Jill and her daughter Kelsey (cinderella, and belle)

Melynne and Bronx (byu football player)

Instead of doing our traditional Halloween Party this year I decided to do a play date with some of River's friends. It was a lot of fun! We had treats, pin the tail on the cow, coloring and a movie. I'm so glad everyone could come and I hope you all had a good time. It was a little crazy with 10 kids running around my small condo, but so much fun :) Thanks for all who came and helped bring supplies you girls are the best! The kids were dressed in their costumes and they were dressed to impress! They looked so cute :)

I had a hard time getting pics of everyone and playing host but in attendance:

Cheyenne & Ava (fairy princess)
Laurel & Lincoln and Knox (pumpkin patch)
Che & Finley (pirate)
Melynne & Bronx (Byu Football player)
Cindy & Carter and Cylie (spider & miss muffett)
Jill & Kelsey and Alea (Princesses Cinderella & Belle)
Me & Riv (cowboy)

Sorry, I wish I had gotten pics of everyone :( If you have any you took I would love to post them :)

Pumpkin land (the tradition lives on)


He actually just sat there and didn't slide down! haha!

Entering the house of Mirrors!

He loves the cute boy smiling back at him

He didn't want to put his head through the hole so we had to take a pic from behind the scene

The corn maze that we actually got a little lost in!

Grandma loves her some River! :)

This little guy was greeting us at the cash mom didn't realize he was real at first!

Like last year, my Mom and I visited Pumpkin Land with River. It was somewhere my Mom always took us as kids and I remember always liking it. It was much warmer then last year when we visited luckily! River was a little bit of a zombie during the whole thing (I think it was nap time) but then at the end they had some play things and he loved the house of mirrors! That is so typical River, he is pretty much obsessed with his reflection! I'm not kidding either, he is always looking in mirrors and pointing and smiling at himself :) I can't blame him though, he is pretty stinkin' cute! Thanks for taking us Mom, I hope it is something we can do every year :)

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

The Cutest boy on the block :)

Gma & Gpa Foscarini sent this adorable hat

I am trying to get Riv to actually leave it on, because it's so cute!

Thanks so much G & G Foscarini!!

It is crazy to me that I was playing at this house when I was Riv's age and now he is!

We love spending time with Gma Feller :)

This blog has no other purpose then I had cute pics of Riv and had to share them :) Enjoy!

Provo Canyon in the Fall!

I have always felt so blessed..

to live just minutes from the Provo Canyon.

In my opinion there is nowhere that can compare to the beauty found here!

We visited the canyon before church (that doesn't start til 2:30 now! Agh!) and played a little football with Riv. Look at him go! He already looks like a pro :)

But he kept wanting to get in the River!

Such beauty! I love Fall in the Canyon :)

This is going through the Alpine Loop. Pictures do not do it justice!

We love our canyon and love visiting it often. I hope River will enjoy being so close to the canyon like I did growing up. Visiting while the leaves are changing is a must! Every time I go to the canyon I am in awe of the power God has to create such beauty. The crisp air and the smells of Fall are abundant this time of year. Go visit if you haven't had time yet, I promise you won't be disappointed!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Fire Station Open House

We live right next door to the Fire Station

so when we found out they were having an open house

we had to go. Especially cause we could just walk there :)

Riv didn't know quite what to make of everything and just wanted to be held.

He was scared of most things including the Fire men!

He got a Fire man's hat, but preferred when I wore it.

He got to go in the back of an ambulance, spray a fire hose, and saw a life flight take off.

He really didn't know what to think about this fire clown!

We are so grateful for all that Fire fighters do for us! We are so glad that there are brave men and women to help keep us safe. Thanks for letting us come see all your cool toys and thanks for the hat, popcorn & cotton-candy! We are glad you are our neighbor (literally).

What we have been up to this Fall...

River has been feeling a little under the weather...

so we have been spending a lot of time in this chair...

watching movies...but we do so in style (Halloween style that is!)

I have been baking up every sweet thing you can think of! I always get in the mood for baking when Fall comes around. I have tried a lot of great recepies...these are homemade chocolate cupcakes with peanut-butter frosting. Yummy!

Riv is a climber and will try to scale almost anything...

including my bathroom counter...

he gets there by first scaling the toilet! But he has fun so whatever :)

I really love to get into the spirit of whatever holiday is around. There are so many local things I want to attend during this October/ Halloween time! Stay tuned for our adventures :)