Friday, January 27, 2012

Big Boy Hair Cut

 This little, no wait, Big boy got a hair cut (doesn't he look so much older with short hair?!). I know this probably doesn't seem like a big event for most children River's age, but trust me it is! River gets extremely freaked out about getting his hair cut, and not just like normal children. I'm talking screaming, crying, shaking, acting as if he is going to die! He literally acts like it is physically painful for him, it is weird. He acts this way about brushing his teeth everyday too. It is literally a battle everyday, I have to sit on top of him to hold him down so I can actually brush his teeth. It is pretty exhausting! haha! I have talked to his care provider from KOTM, Linda, and we are pretty sure that it isn't so much a sensory issue as a control issue for him. I'm not 100% sure though. Maybe it is a little of both. 
Anyway, you can see from the last post that his hair had gotten a little out of control! It took switching between two people to hold him in place while I quickly grabbed what hair I could and cut. Luckily he has curly hair so you can't tell what a hack job it really is. He is like a moving target! I was very grateful to have help this time around, his first haircut I had to sit on top of him and just cut as fast as possible.

 You can tell he was crying from his red eyes and cheeks. But he is happy the haircut is over. So was I!

 Milo is loving food, he loves sucking on apples..

 eating cereal puffs...

 and yes the occasional sucker ;)

 Milo is also all over the place now that he is crawling and trying to stand on everything. He is already getting a few bruises from banging his head on stuff :(

 Watching a movie together.

 Fun brother bath time.

We were lucky enough to be invited to this guys 2nd Birthday Party too! Happy Birthday Brooks! I think it was riv's first Birthday Party. He did pretty well. He was a little confused that he didn't get to take the gifts home, but he had fun. Thanks for the fun time and invite Katelynn!

Trying to teach them young! ;)

Friday, January 20, 2012

A bunch of Firsts!

We have been having some fun movie nights lately!

This little guy is officially Mobile!! He is a crawler, but wants to be a walker and tries to stand up on the side of the couch and coffee table.

Riv just started "transition" class at kotm. It is supposed help him for transition to preschool and also to help get over his separation anxiety. He attends the class for 90 mins. once a week, all by himself!

Milo has been a bit of a grouch lately, but for good reason...he just cut his first tooth!! It is his bottom right tooth. So he pretty much crawled and got his first tooth on the same day! Almost exactly on his 7 month b day. Way to go Miley and I hope your sore gums get feeling better :(

My happy little boy!

Time to lower the crib...he tries standing up on anything he can grab. I feel like he is a little young to already be doing this, but he is a determined little guy.

Friday, January 13, 2012

First Bowl & Almost Crawling

 Riv & Mi both had their first bowl! I was worried Riv would be bored and get distracted with something else...

 ...But he LOVED bowling! He ended up bowling all of our frames too :) 

The only thing that distracted him from all the fun was when he tried to run down the lane. Of course it was so waxed up that he ate it BIG time and slammed his head on the floor. Tony and I felt so bad for him, he was having so much fun then got hurt. We got him to recover pretty quick and he was back to playing.

Milo got in on the action too! He bowled on frame :) and looked good doing it.

Riv & Mi taking a ride on the trike.

Milo is SO close to crawling!! I think his problem is he doesn't want to crawl, he wants to walk. So, instead of crawling when he is on his knees and hands he tries to stand up with his feet. He gets incredibly frustrated when he can't get up! Hopefully he will give up walking for now and crawl.

Somewhere in the middle of all this fun Riv got sick. He woke up one morning and threw up and was a limb noodle the rest of the day. So we all decided to spend the day in bed relaxing. I even got a nap!! It was wonderful!! Of course not feeling well Riv didn't eat much that day.

But he never eats much anyway, so his appetite basically went down to zero and we haven't been able to regain his appetite since! I was already worried about how little he ate, but now he is living off of a little oatmeal, milk and goldfish crackers all DAY! I think he is starting to lose weight and he looks very pale to me. I have made an appointment with his Ped. and will update what I find out. Other then not eating he is full of energy and funny as ever, we just really need to get this eating situation figured out quickly. Has anyone else had this kind of problem with their kiddos? I would really love some advice! I have tried almost everything to get him to eat and it never works. Help!

Crawl boy! Crawl!!

Friday, January 6, 2012

Finally...Christmas & New Years!

 Santa was kind enough to make a special delivery for River...He delivered this adorable trike from his Grandma and Grandpa Foscarini, All the way from Georgia!

 Santa brought Milo a cute bouncy ball dino!

 Santa also brought River and Milo a wagon! They have been really good!

 Wagon Rides inside, to cold to go out just yet!

Grandma and Grandpa Feller got River this Tramp!

Santa brought Milo this adorable shopping cart, I think he thought it would help him while learning to walk, I could be wrong though ;)

We all had a Merry Christmas! We attended my parents ward for Christmas day Meeting. It was great to be able to go to church and remember what this time of year is really all about.

 For the New Year we went to the Country Club for dinner and played games and watched a movie.
Doesn't Milo look like he is in some posh hotel hot tub! haha!

 Riv has been busy trying to watch every single movie he got for Christmas!

We have all been playing games, doing puzzels...

 playing with new toys...


 and catching up on sleep! Yep we are ready for ya 2012!
Happy New Year!

It's been crazy warm for this time of year, so Riv took advantage and went out for a bike ride.
(He is wearing his new shirt from G&G Foscarini!)