Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Walking like a champ

Getting into trouble
with aunt Chelan
and more trouble!

River has been getting into everything now that he is walking by himself. It is time to start baby proofing all our drawers and cupboards. He looks so funny when he walks, he looks like an old man! He is so cute though :) He is loving his independence and is so fast! I will stand him up and next thing I know he is down the hall in my room. He has definitely had some falls though, he has two big bruises on his head right now from falling or running into things. It is so sad to see him all bruised, but I don't think he cares at all. He is teething again, and man it has been brutal this time! He is getting two top teeth right now, he is so upset! He has just not been himself the last couple days because he is in pain. It has been hard on him, and me too! He just cries and I feel so bad :( Tony and I have been giving him Popsicles to try to help numb his gums, I think it has helped.
P.S I woke up to it snowing outside! That is just wrong, it should be spring!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Oh Crap!

I didn't quite make it to work today :( because of this (photo). I had just gotten off a crowded Center St. exit heading for work, when I noticed a semi truck for Fed Ex with it's flashers going on the side of the lane I was in. I think I must have looked over at the truck (or something, I really am not totally sure) just long enough not to realize that everyone in front of me had slammed on their brakes. So, needless to say when I looked forward I barely had time to brake before slamming into the back of a flatbed trailer (luckily it was empty) being pulled by a truck. Thank heavens Riv was totally fine, just a little scared from the noise. I am fine too, I think I will probably just be stiff tomorrow and got slight burns on my hand and stomach (I don't know how on my stomach?) from the airbag. The two front doors were jammed so I crawled out the back and got River out. Two women had jumped in my car right after the wreck and were trying to get Riv out of the car! They were totally just trying to help, but it was kind of weird having people trying to take my baby. They couldn't figure out his car seat so I told them I would get him. The guy I ran into was totally cool and just worried about me and Riv. The trailer I hit pushed into his bumper so his back end was kind of messed up. I felt like an idiot! Everyone kept saying " You're being so calm! Are you ok?" I guess I just figured we are ok, so now it just sucks that my car is destroyed! I feel super blessed that we were ok, especially Riv. I hate that it happened and don't want to have to get a new car, but I just feel totally blessed and protected. So be careful out there!

Monday, March 22, 2010

Sew what?

I have been wanting to make River a blanket for a long time now. I have even had the fabric for like 8 months! The problem was I don't have a sewing machine, and I don't know how to sew other then the sewing class I took in Jr. High. Let's be serious, Jr. High was a long time ago and I probably wasn't even good then. Finally, that bag of fabric just sitting in River's closet begging to be used got the best of me. I decided I just need to bite the bullet and get myself a sewing machine and I could figure out how to use it if I tried. So that is just what I did, I bought myself a beginners machine and that same night sewed River his blankie! Now obviously things didn't go perfect, but I got the project done and that's all that matter to me :) Things went smoother then I thought they would go at least. I actually did remember a few things from my Jr. high days. After attaching some extra fabric because things didn't quite line up right, I was good to go! I think it turned out pretty cute, even if it does look like a 7th grader made it :) I'm going to be giving it to Riv for Easter, hopefully it will be something he will always like because mama made it for him. I hope to learn more about sewing and have a few more projects I would like to accomplish, so I will keep you updated.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

When you Fall, Pick Yourself back up!

Maybe I'm the worst Mother ever (Tony thinks I am), but I think this little video is Hilarious!! I can't help but laugh every time I watch it. I love his smile right off the bat, then as he reaches the edge of the table he hesitates, but gets up the courage to take off on his own...then...just watch :)

Finally, A High Chair!

B-day Dinner @ Epic
Riv has the cutest Smile :)

High chair fun!

I finally got River a high chair. It has been so nice to finally have one! He loves being able to feed himself little puffs off the tray. I had a hard time finding a high chair I actually liked, all of the ones you see now of days are all plastic. I really wanted one that was wood, but crazy enough that is really hard to find. I finally found this one and liked it the best of what I had seen. So, Yay! River has a place to eat :) He is getting to be such a big boy and starting to want to do things independently. He likes feeding himself, trying to walk all alone, and wanting what he wants when he wants it :)
Since I was in Texas for my 26th Birthday, we hadn't celebrated yet. So last night my parents took the family to Epic for my B-day dinner. It was a lot of fun, except that River slept the whole time so when we got home he was ready to get up and play. He was up most of the night not wanting to sleep, so that was pretty tiring! Luckily, I have a great husband who took Riv in the morning and let me sleep :)

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

It's March, Please be quick Spring!

I'm so glad that the weather has been really quite nice lately. I am really hoping that Spring is right around the corner! Here is River dressed to impress for March :) BTW, River is nearly 10 months and I CANNOT believe that he is only two months away from being 1 year old! Oh my gosh!!! I feel like time is flying by so quickly, my baby is going to be 1 before I know it :( Riv is on the move lately, he cruises everywhere and is so close to walking alone, he even will crawl a little bit but only if it is absolutely required.


Yes, I know how messed up this is! But, you have no idea how much River gets called a girl! Seriously, I mean like ALL the time!! It was especially bad in Texas for some reason. I even had a woman at the jewelry show that was admiring him, and someone walked by and said to her "Is this your baby?" She replied "Oh no, I have all boys!" What the heck! He is always decked out in blue...hello! But, I guess it's just because he is pretty, so I guess I will take it as a compliment :) Even after I got back from Texas I was telling Tony how often he was called a girl and right then our waitress came up and was like "She is so cute!" haha! I decided enough is enough and found one of my old baby dresses and dolled River, or should I say Rivette, all up. He actually looked really cute! LOL! Poor River will never forgive me for this one!

Texas and I'm 26!

Visiting with Aunt Brenda

River's Favorite spot in our room, the window looking over the lobby

Oh to sleep like a baby :)

My Dad, Riv and I went to Texas for a Jewelry show at the end of Feb. Well, River did not do as well as he always has on the plane rides. He didn't do horrible just not great. This is the first flight I have had to change a poopy diaper too, how are you supposed to do that in a airplane bathroom?? It was quite difficult! We stayed at a huge hotel called the Gaylord Texan. It was really nice, and River loved it because there were trains in the lobby. We were there for the week of my Birthday, so now I'm officially 26! We were lucky enough to get to visit my aunt Brenda who lives in Arlington. She had never seen River so she was excited to get to see him. We also visited a friend I grew up with, Amanda Garrett, who lives in Mckinney. Texas has very beautiful homes and neighborhoods! I just wish it would have been warm while we were there, but no luck!