Sunday, September 9, 2012

Back to School 2012

I would like to lie and say that River was thrilled about getting his back to school pic taken...

But this is what he really looked like! haha!
He kept saying "no school", which is so weird because he LOVED school last year (for the month he went)

I dropped him off and I know he doesn't look thrilled be he actually got a lot more excited once we were there.

Back to the leash! haha! They all really actually like that little leash!
River is attending Geneva Preschool with Miss Shannon as his teacher again. He picked up one more day this year too (which I was happy about) so he will be going M W F afternoon sessions. He will be receiving speech therapy at school for 20 mins a day.
He has been making huge strides with speech too!
After the first day Miss Shannon told me how impressed she was with how much progress he has made since last year, both socially and language!! Yay!!
Riv just started attending a private speech therapist once a week for 30 mins as well.
After the first session his private speech therapist (Paige Crawley) told me she felt like they could make a lot of progress because he was doing well with imitating her sounds :)

I feel like this year is going to be a great year for Riv and that he is going to really make huge strides :)
Keep it up Riv!! I love you!! I'm one proud Mama!!

Today I actually got him to say "Mom can I have a cookie please?" I had to pronounce each would individually and ask him to say each word individually, but still! He did it and each word sounded pretty darn good!! Woot Woot! :)

Milo and I enjoying some together time while Riv is at school :)

Bathroom Redo & Dino Museum/Farm Country

I have been hating my bathroom for awhile. I have just been in this funk lately where I want to change everything in my house! Well one step at a time, right?
Finally one morning I just decided...that's it! I'm doing it today, and I did!

I kind of randomly decided to paint the stripes. I already had the paint so figured, why not?

It's much brighter and happier now :)

Check out that gap tooth grin!
I love his grin and hope his front teeth stay gapped :)

His hair is getting crazy long! It is just on the verge of "no longer" cute long, but I don't care.
I am sick of the battle of cutting his hair.
I'm going to just let it grow, as long as I can stand it.

We had a play date at the Dino Museum with the Burkman's.
Check out Riv's mullet! Yikes!
*my pics got out of order so there is a pic later of all the kids that went to the museum*

The kids didn't really seem that into the museum. River was a little overwhelmed by some of the noises and all the people. My friend Cindy and I were glad it was only $2 tuesday, because we were out of there in about 30 minutes! haha! Oh well it was fun just hanging with the Burkman clan for awhile :)

After the museum the Burkman's had to go, but I figured we would hang around Thanksgiving point a little longer and take advantage of the $2 tuesday. So the boys and I headed over to Farm Country.
River has never really showed much interest when we have gone to Farm Country before, but I was so proud of him, he really "saw" the animals this time and interacted with them! It was great to watch!!

Look! He is touching the horse!! That is big for him!!
Times we have come in the past he would just walk by all the fences and just seemed like he could have cared less about the animals.

He really liked the pigs.

This was the "dance hall", so I told him to dance and this is what I got! Haha!

This was my favorite part!!
The line for the pony ride was pretty long and it was getting pretty hot outside.
Knowing that River was probably going to get to the front of the line and then bolt, I asked him if he was sure he wanted to ride the horse. He said "yes". I was starting to sweat now and his cheeks were getting flushed so I asked again, and again he said "yes". I'm not going to lie I probably asked 2 more times. Finally we got to the front of the line so I gave him his ticket and told him to go give it to the woman and that she would help him on because I had to stay with Milo. I was shocked when with no hesitation he took the ticket gave it to the woman and got on the horse!!! That is like HUGE for River!! I thought for sure once the horse started to move he would freak out and try to jump off, but he didn't! He loved it!!
I cannot tell you how proud I am of you buddy!!

Most of you probably think that I'm just a crazy over protective Mom (which honestly I probably would have thought too before I had Riv.), but some of you understand what it's like to have a son/child that struggles with things like this and I love you!

The whole ride home we kept saying "yee haw" to each other :)

Milo's shoes usually don't stay on too long :)
Milo really liked the ducks.

The Burkman cuties
Carter, Cylie and River @ the Dino Museum

How we finished out our Summer...

We really had a great Summer!
Tony worked a lot and studied a lot, but loved spending his Summer nights with the boys.
The boys and I loved our schedule of sleeping late and no stress days.
We spent a lot of time at Grandma's so we could play outside and of course swing in Grandma's tree swing!
That swings has been such a hit with the boys, they love it.

Milo and River both get SO excited when Tony gets home!!
They love their Daddy :)

Swinging at Grandma's

River is still a picky eater. He isn't as bad as he used to be, but still pretty picky.
He will eat McDonalds cheeseburger with no pickle and onion though.
He doesn't like the fries but likes the apples.
Trust me I wish he liked something better then a cheeseburger, but literally if he doesn't get one he will only it crackers. Ah! I hate it :(

Milo is a little better eater, but he honestly isn't great either.
He LOVES corn and watermelon!!
He is the messiest eater on the planet. I feel like I have to deep clean my house after every meal he eats!!

But with a face like that...who's complaining ;)

River is also obsessed with cake!
I know, he is really healthy right?! :/
He is a sweet tooth kid, loving cake and cookies.
Luckily I squeeze in oatmeal, strawberries, apples, yogurt, etc. as often as possible.

Milo trying out feeding himself for the first time.
Man what a mess this kid can make with a spoon! 
Oatmeal is pretty much their staple breakfast, although River likes it better then Milo.

River is making such progress in so many ways!
He has really been interested in this doll at my Mom's house.
We tried to use it when Milo was coming to teach River how to handle a baby. He couldn't have cared less at the time, but now he really shows it love.
It's really cute and progress that he is making more emotional connections with things and playing pretend. Way to go buddy!!

Both these boys love phones.
They pretend like they are talking to very important people on the other end :)

Milo's facial expressions are the best!
This is one of my favorites :)

Watching morning cartoons in the play room.

So this may seem like a strange picture to include, but it is because Milo has tiny feet and never fit into shoes! Now he finally does, yay! Although one usually falls off at some point.

Milo has a sweet tooth too, but he prefers the creamier cream.

This is SAD! This shows how much River loves his Daddy. We dropped Tony off at my brothers so they could go to a movie together (much deserved movie time for Tony). On the way home River was screaming and crying and signing "dad" the whole way home. It broke my heart :( He misses his daddy when he is gone so much with work and studying.

He wore himself out crying over daddy and I found him knocked out on our bed.
He never goes to sleep on his own...ever!

Cuddle time with his animals.
He really likes bees, owls, and camels right now.

Cardboard airplane

Staying up to late to see Daddy :)

Riv and I having fun while Milo naps.

This kid is the sweetest!
I love his dimples :)