Thursday, November 19, 2009

River's 6 month Stats...late

We had an interesting little visit to the Dr. this time for River's scheduled check up. Thing usually go very smoothly...not this time. The nurse came and got us from the waiting room and showed us which room to wait in for the Dr. and right when she shut the door Riv threw up all over me, the chair, and the floor! It was A LOT of stinky throw up. I got that cleaned up right before the Dr. arrived, he looked Riv over and then was checking his "boy parts" and said "Oh, well this is going to sting!" apparently it had kind of sealed up and the Dr. had to tear the scab apart :( Needless to say Riv freaked out and started screaming. That was finally over, but then it was time for shots. He normally does really good, but when the nurse poked him the first time it was all over, he had it! He started screaming and crying like I have never seen him do before, it took me along time to get him to calm down after that. He was pretty upset for the rest of the day too. Poor little guy :(

Well here they are
6 Month Stats:

Length: 27.25 in. 75%
Weight: 16 lbs. 9 oz. 25%
Head Cir: 44.75 cm 75%

Thursday, November 5, 2009

1/2 Birthday Party!

Admiring his Balloons
Uncle Trevie and Grandpa Feller
The Boys
After his cupcake, it's all over his eye and nose!
"eating"/playing with his cupcake
Presents from grandma and granda
1/2 cupcake
1/2 potato 1/2 enchilada soup
River with grandma Foscarini
I know what you are thinking...why in the world would you through a 1/2 birthday party? My answer: River has changed so much in just 6 months and I feel that it needs to be recognized. I know that he is spoiled, but I will do fun things like this for him because I only have him to fuss over :) I'm sure things will be different when I have more kids, but for now...let's Celebrate!! Grandma Foscarini just happened to be in town for the Party :) Everything at the party was "half" themed. The balloons Grandma Foscarini brought were half blue half white, the soup we ate was half potato half enchilada thanks to Grandma Feller, the cupcakes were also half blue half white :) River had gifts to open and got to "eat" a cupcake, really none of it ended up in his mouth. It was a lot of fun and we played a round of apples to apples after the wonderful dinner. Happy 1/2 Birthday River! I love you mucho mucho!!

River got 2 books, Cookies, and Tickets to Elmo on Ice!

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Sunday, November 1, 2009

My Baby can read...I hope :)

Studying hard :)

This pic makes me laugh because this is his typical face

Watching his Reading Video

Trevor was talking to me the other day about this system that taught babies how to read. I was curious and was asking more about it, finally I asked "where did you see this?" He sheepishly answered "an infomercial" I immediately made fun of him and told him how dumb that was. He convinced me to look it up online and see for myself these babies reading, so finally I did. I have to say I was completely convinced within 15 mins. and found myself filling out the credit card information before I even knew what happened! haha. It is a series of videos, books and flashcard with words and then a picture of whatever the word is. They slowly graduate to harder videos, books and flashcards. It probably sounds really dumb, but I have been having River watch the beginners video for about a week now and I really think it is going to work! You have to check it out, it's called My baby can read, google it and watch the videos of these little babies reading and recognizing words. It's pretty cool, and I figure if nothing else it will introduce him to learning at a young age. I am not a good or fast reader so hopefully this will help River get a kick start on reading. I will let you know how it goes, but I feel like it is going pretty good thus far!

This is Halloween...Halloween...Halloween!

Pooped after all the Fun :)
Grandpa and Riv seeing what goodies River got
River's Loot (Grandma gave him to cute black kitty)
Cheyenne, Ava, River and I
Elmo and Crazy Mommy
He was all hyped up and ready to go
Time for Trick or Treating!
At the store
My Cute Boys

River experienced his First Halloween! We met up with Cheyenne, Tyson and Ava and we went Trick or Treating in my parents neighborhood. I know that River is only 6 months old and can't even eat candy, let alone has any idea of what is going on, but I don't think that is what it's all about anyway. We just had a good time seeing all my neighbors that I grew up with and getting to dress Riv up in his cute costume. My sweet neighbors spoiled River with way to much candy. I can not tell you how much River LOVED being Elmo, it is the strangest thing to me that he is so obsessed with him! He just laughed and smiled when anyone would say "Look it's Elmo!" he is just so cute :) Before we went Trick or Treating at night we stopped by the store because every year downtown Provo does a Trick or Treat at all the shops, it is very popular, so we stopped by as a practice run :) I hope you all had a great Halloween! What did you end up doing?

Happy Halloween!

His Candy Stash