Monday, February 25, 2008

Christin's 24!

So my birthday was the 23rd! I can't believe I'm 24!! That sounds old. Well I had the day off of work cause it was on a saturday. I was so excited to spend all day with Tony and was sure he had planned something great....Well I was a little disappointed to find out nothing had been planned! So we were trying to think of things to do, we decided to go and have lunch in Salt Lake. That was pretty much it!! So later that night we went to dinner with my family, which is customary on your birthday. I felt a little let down, cause I didn't get to see any of my friends on my birthday :( So we head home for the night, thinking it was a pretty uneventful birthday. Tony opens are front door and lets me go in first (he is a gentleman) I was terrified to see in the darkness about 10 dark figures standing in my living room!! I was totally freaked out and gasped in fear!! Then Tony flipped on the lights....there was a room full of my friends who all screamed out SURPRISE!! I was so taken back!! I had NO IDEA!! Everyone laughed at my reaction. It was SO much fun!! Tony had bought food and cake for everyone...we had such a good time! :) I have never had a surprise party before. It was a blast! Tony totally redeemed himself! Thanks Bubby!! I got some really wonderful gifts too..thanks everyone! The best part was just to be with all my wonderful friends. I was so touched by how many people showed up. The party went on late into the night, I hope everyone had as much fun as me! My friend Cheyenne brought her beautiful daughter Ava (who I adore) she was so well behaved! Even though she was there for 3 hours!! Thanks everyone for such a memorable Birthday!! Love you guys!

Loser's Weepers

Tony and his friend at work had a bet on the Georgia vs. Hawaii Sugar bowl game. Tony (of course for Georgia) and Lua who is Hawaiian for Hawaii. The bet was who ever's team beat the opposing team had to wear a shirt that the winner could decorate in any way he wanted. Obviously Tony won!! So Lua had to where this shirt, proclaiming how great Georgia was and how bad Hawaii sucked, for 4 fridays at work!! :) Here is a pic of Tony rubbing it in a little. Go Georgia!!

Friday, February 15, 2008

Happy Valentines!!

Tony and I both had to work on Valentines day :( but we still had a lot of fun! Tony woke up before he had to head off to school and work. He made me a strawberry smoothie for breakfast! He also presented me with beautiful yellow roses and my valentine! As you can see in the pic he made me a valentine necklace that he informed me had to be worn all day!! So I did wear it part of the day at work but then the ribbon came undone so I decided that was my chance to be free of the big heart for awhile!! It was so cute of him to do. Everyone at my work loved it and took pictures of me with it on! haha! What a wonderful husband I have :) We decided that every year we would trade off who was in charge of v-day...Tony nominated me for our first. We went to Salt Lake and ate at The Roof. We were right by a window view which over looked the Temple. It was beautiful! My gift to Tony was Utah Jazz tickets, but I wasn't sure which game he would rather attend, so he is going to pick the game he wants to go to. So stay tuned for postings on the game!! Overall it was a wonderful holiday for both of us!