Monday, November 22, 2010

River's likes

Climbing stairs

Open gifts from Uncle Doug

Hiding in the sheets

River is loving these things...
Eating French toast every morning with Daddy
Climbing on the stairs
Playing under the covers/ on the bed
He also loves to "talk" into the microphone at church
(he is always trying to get on the stand!)

He is our joy and we love him! He still isn't talking but is definetly a handful :)

Halloween 2010

River LOVES being at the store!

Armed with his ammunition

Trick or treating time

His first door bell ring

Enjoying the fruits of his labor!

This Halloween we had a couple trick or treating events! We first went down to the store where they were doing a city trick or treat. River totally thinks he owns the place and when other trick or treaters would come in the store for their candy, they were greeted by River throwing bottles of jewelry cleaner at them! I am not kidding was actually pretty funny...lucky nobody got pelted to hard :) Then we went up to my parents neighborhood to do the real door to door tick or treating, only to be greeted by blowing wind and cold rain! Luckily it cleared up just long enough for us to run down the street and get River some candy. He was an adorable bumble bee with a cute little stinger. :) River is obsessed with candy and loved every minute of Halloween.