Friday, October 28, 2011

Hair cut!

 Before pic (above)
After pic (below)

This kid finally got his first real hair cut! I figured it was about time since he is almost 2 1/2! Luckily he has curly hair so it looked cute. I would have cut it sooner but he FREAKS out whenever I have tried. He was still freaking out when I did it this time, but I just did it as quick as I could. It is pretty jacked up, but it's as good as I could do with him moving around as much as he was. There were a lot of tears and a lot of screaming and shaking in fear. He especially hates when he sees or feels the hair coming off. It was sad, he was seriously shaking because he was so freaked out! He looks so much older now, it makes me kind of sad. He still looks cute though and trust me he will not be having another hair cut in a long time. I can only go through that so many times! It was literally grab and I said it is pretty jacked up, but what are you going to do?!

Cornbelly Fun

Tony took a rare day off so we decided to take advantage of it and took the kids to Cornbelly's. We went right when it opened which was great because the crowds were small and it was still warm. Riv loved all the cute wood toys they had to climb on. We took him through his first haunted ally, probably not the best idea! Especially because he is scared of everything this year!! He wouldn't even walk next to Tony after the haunted ally, I think he felt like their trust had been broken :) Milo was asleep for most of it, but woke up at the end. He started to get a little cold so Tony put him in his shirt to warm him up. River also enjoyed the "duck racing". It was a fun October activity and we always love getting to do fun activities like this with the kids.

Friday, October 21, 2011

Milo is 4 months old!

Guess who is not so big?! That's right Mi little Milo. He just went for his 4 month check up, which by the way he did great at! River was the one screaming and crying, he is really protective of Milo and is scared of Dr.'s so he did not like Milo getting looked at and poked. He was FREAKING out, but Milo was calm and only cried a little after his shots. (Go figure!) Well we discovered that Milo really is just a little guy!

Milo's 4 Month Stats:
Length: 24.5 in. (31%)
Weight: 13 lbs. 2 oz. (14%)
Head Circum: 39.9 cm (4%)

The Dr. didn't seem to concerned with his stats, but did comment how small his head was. He said he wasn't worried about it though. It's funny because I don't think his head looks so small?! But obviously he is just going to be a little guy.
Milo is a wonderful baby. He eats well, and sleeps well too. He loves to laugh and smile. He adores his older brother and watching everything he does. He has the prettiest blue eyes and the cutest dimples you have ever seen! Love you little mi man!

Rough and Tough River

River LOVES big trucks and things that move. My parents neighbors are having some construction done and Riv loves watching the guys working on the big earth movers. One of the little bobcats was left unattended by my parents house for awhile and River took full advantage! He loved every minute and I'm sure if I wasn't there he would have started the thing up and been off to work!
I had to add those pics of Riv and Mi together because they are just too cute together!

Fire Fighters

It was that time of year again...time for the Fire Station Open House! We had fun as we always do. River was still afraid of the fire and the smoke, but overall had fun looking at the big trucks and eating popcorn :) River would scream and runaway from the fire, on one of the demonstrations he literally knocked me over trying to get away! Poor guy :( He loved the Fire engines and watching the life flight helicopter land. It was funny because the tires on the engines were as big as River! My mom and sister came with us too. Milo mainly just slept, but I'm sure he will like it next year. Riv's FAV part was getting to spray the water hose!! He didn't want to stop! haha! 
We are so thankful for all the hard working Fire fighters that keep us safe!!