Friday, April 16, 2010

On the loose!

He is holding a gift card...I think he already likes to charge it!
Crazy, naked man!

So tired...ooohhh!

Just a quick little update. There have been a few changes lately that I will blog about later. As for now, we have been just staying busy with the day to day stuff. I thought these pics of Riv while I was grocery shopping were cute :) He totally passed out, his leg hanging over the edge and all! He is getting more and more resistant to clothing and likes to just run around naked. That is all fine and dandy until I found a little trail of pee on the carpet! haha! It is getting to be such a challenge to get him in his diaper and clothes though. He will scream and thrash around. Any suggestions as to what I can do to help keep him entertained while I'm trying to dress him? Also, what on earth do I do with him while I'm trying to shower?? He has fallen out of his bumbo one to many times and I don't know what else to do, Help!

Monday, April 12, 2010

Speed Racer & Fun with bubbles

Walking all by himself
Playing with bubbles from his Easter basket
I love that he is trying to catch them :)
My little Speed Racer

It has just started to warm up a little bit. I still can't wait for the trees to have leaves again, I think that makes all the difference. It has been nice that we have been able to spend a little more time outside though. My parents and I have gone for a few walks with River and Chelan. It was really nice because on Saturday we walked down to the Riverwoods and got some ice cream and walked by the River. It was the perfect weather for it! I'm so looking forward to Spring!
Tony spent last week working down at the store because his boss was on Spring break and they didn't have any jobs. We have been renovating the goldsmith's shop into a watch boutique. Tony and all the boys down at work have been very busy with cleaning and painting. I think Tony enjoyed his time there. Tony is back at his regular job this week and might start waiting tables at nights. He is going to work with one of our friends tonight that works at Chef's Table to get trained. So we will see how things go, I think he is a little nervous because he hasn't waited in a long time, but I know that he will do great. If he gets taken on he will be working in a new restraunt in Riverwoods that Chef's Table is opening in May called Lemon Grove. So hopefully things go well.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter and Conference

on the egg hunt

Sunday Easter Outfit

Riv's Superhero Bunny I made him :)

River was, again, very spoiled this Easter. He first woke up to a wonderful Easter basket from Tony and I. It was filled with the "Frog Prince" movie, Yo Gabba Gabba CD, a blanket and matching Easter bunny I had made him, and some toys and things. To bad it had snowed! We headed over to my parents house to have Easter breakfast ( Waffles! ) and watch Conference at their house. My Mom had a full Easter basket waiting for Riv! So Spoiled :) Breakfast was delicious! We watched the Frog Prince in between sessions, then after the last session had a wonderful Ham dinner! Thanks Mom for all the yummy food! We had our cousin Hunter over for dinner as well. We then did a egg hunt for Riv in the family room :) It was a great Easter Sunday.

I thought conference was amazing! I couldn't believe how much the speakers brought up Mothers and their importance!! It really made me realize just how important my role as a mother really is, and that I need to step it up. There is a lot of improvements I can make to bring the spirit into our home more and teach Riv with the Spirit. I was planning to stop working when Riv turned one, but it was a decision that was starting to seem impossible. With limited funds and not sure about our future I was really debating if I was making the right decision to quit. I'm still worried, but after Conference I feel that I need to be a Mother first and foremost. I am nervous not knowing how things will work out, but I feel like I need to exercise some faith and move forward with my decision to be at home with Riv. I'm trying to be strong, but I am scared about my decision financially. Not to mention that I really like working too. Luckily, I have been able to take Riv with me to work, but he is getting to an age that he really needs more attention then I can give him while working. I hope I am making the right decision for our family right now. I am so thankful for a wonderful Prophet and inspired leaders who are truly watching out for all of us.