Monday, February 28, 2011

If you like Pina Colada...

And you want to pretend like Spring is already here, these are awesome!! They come in a bunch of different flavors and they are all really good but these (Creamy Coconut) are hands down my favorite. If you close your eyes you can pretend you are at a beach in Hawaii :) So good! If you haven't tried them you need to and they are only 120 calories!

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Riv's first InstaCare Visit

Notice how his right arm is limp

Another shot of him not using his right arm

All better! Watching Incredible's and Popcorn fixes anything ;)

Well we had a quick trip to InstaCare today with Riv. Trevor and I were at the Mall walking around when Riv decided he didn't want to walk anymore so he laid down in the middle of the hallway in protest. Trevor helped him up by lifting him by the arm (like we have all done many times.) Soon after though we noticed that River was getting whiny and fussy so we decided he was probably tired and we better go. When I was getting him in his car seat though I noticed he seemed to whine when I was trying to get his right arm in the strap. I told Trevor I though maybe his arm got hurt when he picked him up. But he was just fussing not crying or anything, so we decided we would just get him home. When we got to my place we both noticed he wasn't moving his right arm at all and would fuss if we touched it. Trevor really started to freak out thinking that he had really hurt him or something. Trevor told me to call the Dr. so I did, but they had just seen their last patient for the day and told me to go to the ER. Trevor and I got a little nervous and decided to take him to a close instacare. Trevor was so upset and freaking out thinking he had injured River, I reassured him that it wasn't his fault and that it could have happened to anyone and that it was probably just something small. But we both didn't like looking at River's lifeless arm and were clad that we only had to wait a few minutes to be seen. The nurse saw us first and took Riv's temp and stats, which he HATED and was freaking out more about that then his arm!! She told us the Dr. would be in shortly. As soon as the nurse left we noticed that River started to use his arm again, much to our relief! The Dr. came in and we explained what had happened and that now he seemed to be fine?! The Dr. looked at his arm and said well what happened is called nursemaid elbow, it is when one of the three joints in the elbow that is held in by soft cartilage gets pulled out of socket. He quickly told us not to feel like we had done something terribly wrong, he said that it has happened to a couple of his kids too. He said when they are young it is easy for it to come out. He said that if you just turn the arm in a certain way it pops back in and while he was freaking out with the nurse he popped it back in on his own. The Dr. was really great and told us he should be totally fine now and that the pain goes away as soon as it is back in socket and we just need to be careful with his arm for the next few weeks, and make sure to just pull him up under his arm instead of with his arm from now on.
So in the end all ended perfect and well. Poor Trevor felt SO BAD!! He just kept saying "I can't believe I hurt him!!" He was really upset and was relieved that it was something minor, but still felt horrible poor guy. He insisted on paying the copay which was sweet but unnecessary. Trevor don't worry it could have happened to any of us!! River is happy and fine and you are still his Favorite :)

This video shows how he wouldn't use his right arm at all! Sad :(

River's recent Obsessions...

Being the cutest kid on the block ;)

"Swimming" in the bath tub

Playing with his toys...naked is preferred


and more cars!!

He LOVES his uncle Trev, they even dress alike!

Riv wishes he could drive uncles car too ;)

Birthday Wishes!

Love my birthday wall!

All of Tony's hard work!

This is what happens when Riv decides to "help"

My fun Bedroom wall!
(I want to change the duvet to a solid white now that the wall is patterned too.)

So I turned 27 while we were in CS. While I was away Tony had a little surprise for me planned! I had seen a pic on the internet of a wall painted this way and really liked it, so I saved it so I could try to recreate it on our bedroom wall. I guess Tony saw the saved pic and decided to surprise me by taping (the hardest part) it off so that all I had to do was paint it when I got home!! (He was to scared to pick out the color by himself otherwise he would have painted it to.) I was totally shocked, really, I had no idea he had been staying up late doing it while I was away. It was literally one of the best gifts I have ever been given! It really showed me how much he loves me and that he wanted to make me happy, I was so touched! Not only did he do that but he also fixed our box spring for our bed that has been messed up forever and now it actually fits our bed properly!! I came home to a clean house and those two surprises...if you ask me there is no better gift then that for a wife and mother! I would take those things over store bought gifts any day. Thanks Tony for making my birthday gifts so wonderful and meaningful! I love you :)

What do you think of the wall?? I know it is a little different, but that is what I liked about it. There is still a lot that need to be done in our bedroom, but what a great start!

Colorado Springs Buying trip

Hangin with Gpa

Randomly River liked the crib in the room! He hates his crib at home...go figure?

He loved watching movies in the crib, but not sleeping in it.

At the CS Zoo you could actually feed the giraffes!

Riv and I went with my Dad to a Jewelry show in Colorado Springs. We stayed at the Broadmoor Hotel, the Hotel was beautiful but as for Colorado Springs....Yuck! There is nothing in CS and it is kind of a dump, but we had fun anyway. River has been on a lot of buying trips and is quite the traveled man at not even 2 years old. I love being able to go with my Dad on these trips especially being a stay at home Mom. It really helps to mix up the scenery for a few days especially in Winter. I'm sad that after Baby #2 comes these trips will be basically over :( Hopefully I can still go on one a year or something. While we were there we worked the show of course then went to the CS Zoo, went up to Denver area and met up with Eric and Lara for Dinner, Shopped, ate, and got Mani's and Pedi's :) It was fun to get to spend some time with my Dad and just have fun for a few days. It was so good to get to see my friends Lara and Eric who are living in Boulder now. I felt like I hadn't seen her forever so it was really fun to see them both. River overall was a trooper, he just struggled with bedtime for some reason. He would get all wound up just before bed and would be running around the room like a crazy man! He even fell off one of the benches in the room and bashed his head open! It healed quickly though :)
Thanks Dad for allowing Riv and I to tag along on these trips! We LOVE going!!

V-day 2011

"Mr. Perfect" Fitting

Playing with the Jute Box @ Roadhouse

Valentines was a lot of fun this year. Went out with my family to Texas Roadhouse a few days before V-day to avoid the rush. Then on V-day Tony had to work so I took him lunch and his favorite sugar cookies from Smart Cookie. It was fun to get to spend a fun lunch with him at work and of course River loved being at the store as always. Tony and I also exchanged V-day cards. River got a card from us and many family members and a cute V-day shirt that said "Mr. Perfect" from his loving parents :) It was a great holiday!
I love my boys more then anything in this world and love that there is a day to celebrate that. I'm so excited to have another boy join our clan that I can love too!
Happy Valentines Day!

Visit from Grandma Foscarini

Showing off some of grandma's gifts

Playtime with Grandma Foscarini is always fun!

Well we had a nice visit from Grandma Foscarini! She came to get to spend a little time with the boogs. We wish the Foscarini's could see him more :( River loved getting to spend some time with her and getting to know her better. Judi was a huge help, she helped me finish laundry and the biggest thing was folding laundry that was already clean. What a help...laundry is my enemy :) It made it so much easier with some help though! Thanks Judi! Of course while she was here she spoiled River with some fun toys and treats that he loved. Thanks for coming and we hope to see you again soon. Much love!