Monday, November 17, 2008

Hungry? YES!

So I think this explains exactly how I have been feeling lately! HUNGRY! I'm always thirsty and all I want is Milk, milk, milk! I have been craving Olive Garden's soup, salad and bread sticks! (bthw American fork has a O G now and it's way better then Provo's) I have tried to stay healthy though, if I get a sweet tooth I allow myself a few jelly belly's. I read in one of my pregnancy books that in the second trimester you will gain 12-14 lbs! Is that true?! That is a lot!! I guess if I keep staying this hungry it could happen, but that scares me! I'm already at the biggest weight I have ever been. Oh and I also have a question about the garment situation. My bottoms are getting tight in the waist, do I just buy a bigger size or what? And how much bigger, one size?? So confused! Help :)

Picture Time!

Tony and I are going to get some pictures taken. We are not very good at taking pics ourselves, so the only ones we really have are from our wedding. I wanted something new and current for our Christmas card, and also some before we have the baby. My friend Jessie is a photographer and does great work, so I hired her to help us with our problem. She will have a lot to work with, I'm at the stage where I just look fat not pregnant! Not a cute look :( I'm sure she will do great and I'm really excited! If you need a photographer she is also on my blog roll. (I'm lucky to have talented friends) I will post the pics when we get them :)

Baby Bintz!

My friend Carlie makes really adorable baby items ranging from leggings, to blankets. I just bought some adorable things from her. If you need anything, she is a great source. Her company is called Baby Bintz. She is on my blog roll if you want to see more. I love her stuff because the fabrics she uses are so cute!! This is one of the burp clothes that I got, I'm worried I won't want my baby to throw up on something so cute :) Check her stuff out!

Cookie Swap

This year a couple of my friends and I decided that instead of buying each other Christmas gifts this year, we would do a cookie swap instead! Basically, you make your favorite cookie recipe and swap the cookies and the recipe. I think it will be a lot of fun, and you get a bunch of new ideas! If you would like to join us just let me know :) I think I want to a have little party/get together to do the swap, so it will be really fun. Also, I was wondering if anyone knew of any good charity events going on this holiday season. I would like to get involved in one, but just don't know of any yet. Please let me know if you know of a good cause that needs some help!

Baby Clothes Find

So I know I have been complaining about how hard it is to find cute boy clothes. Well I found a store in Fashion Place Mall called "Janie & Jack". They have such a cute selection of boy clothes! I was so excited! They are also on the web, which is nice. These are just two of the adorable outfits I want :)

Christmas shopping!

So I am proud to say that I'm almost completely done with Christmas shopping! I started early this year, because I hate how crazy everything gets closer to Christmas. While we were finishing our shopping I went into J. Crew. Here are just a couple pics of some super cute things I found. They are on my list (along with pretty much anything at J. Crew right now). What are somethings on your lists this year? Tony and I already got each other our Christmas gifts to each other. We got new couches! Yay! :) We had only a sofa and it was really uncomfortable and ugly. So we are both really excited about our purchase. I'm looking forward to Thanksgiving as well. I think Tony's parents are coming out here soon. We will see if they make it!

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Baby Update

So I am now 4 months along. I am finally starting to feel better, and very happy for that. I have had a nasty cold that I'm trying to get rid of, but seems to be getting worse :( Everyone has been asking me if I have any cravings, so far not really. I have always loved Italian food and now I just want that more. The last couple of days I have noticed my appetite has seemed to increase, I'm always thirsty and hungry. Tony and I have zero food at our house, which is going to need to change quickly. I'm having a hard time finding healthy quick meals. I really don't want to start the fast food runs, way to greasy, yuck! Do you have any suggestions on simple, yet healthy, quick snacks. I still fit into all my regular clothes, when do you usually need to start getting bigger stuff? Tony and I are also trying to make some room for a nursery, so we are combining our office with our guest room. We are going to be putting a desk, coffee table, and a couch on KSL in a few days, but if any one is interested in any of these items before we do let me know. We will be selling them at about a 100 dollars or less. Everything is in good shape, we just need more room in our place for baby :)

Desk: $100.00 Coffee Table: $40.00 Couch: $75.00

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Dry Hair Fix

I just found this Conditioning Masque by Sebastian called Penetraitt. I love it! You can use it as a deep conditioner and let it dry for ten minutes. I usually don't have time for that though and use it as just a good conditioner in the shower and let it set for about 5 min. It's great especially with the seasons changing and drying everything out. It really puts that needed moisture back into your hair. Let me know about products you have loved as well! I always love to try new things. :)


Yep! I chopped my hair off!! It was completely random, I had no idea I was going to do it. For those of you who know me well, know that I'm pretty easy going when it comes to my hair. I feel like ever since I have been pregnant my hair has been super dry and really gross. So I sat in the chair and said "I'm bored with my hair and I'm not against cutting it!" So we decided to go with a longer bob to get it healthy again and I can also grow it out if I want. I'm really happy I did it, it will be fun for a change. I also went a little blonder :) Don't worry though I don't want to have mom hair just yet! haha! Let me know what you think, quite a change. I didn't even tell anyone I was doing it (probably cause I didn't know) not even Tony! I hope he likes it!!