Thursday, September 22, 2011

Mi Man

This boy has the BEST smiles and the bluest eyes!! I love this adorable boy, especially those killer dimples ;) 
Milo is now rolling! Both from tummy to back and back to tummy. I set him down on the floor on his back and came back in to find him on his tummy. He does it all the time now, so cute!
Milo unlike Riv loves taking naps! He seriously takes 2 to 3 a day!! That is CRAZY for me to get used to. Riv never ever napped. Milo will start crying and I can't figure out why until I realize he wants to take a nap. It is hard for me to pick up on the cues since I'm not used to it. Poor Milo has to work with his dumb Mommy, but I'm figuring it our now :)
Milo loves to smile and coo, he really is such a happy child. He loves to be upright and standing on his legs (assisted of course) and sucking his thumb is still a favorite past time. He still has a crazy hairline that I'm hoping is going to figure itself out soon.
Love me sweet Sugar Bear!! xoxo


Isn't he handsome?! I love looking at pictures of this beautiful child, even if I am his Mom.
I wanted to update on how Riv is doing with KOTM (Kids on the Move). He is still doing his "learning box" we do it 2 times a day and he seems to still really enjoy it. I feel like the learning box has been his break through in many ways. I'm not sure why, but it has been a really great thing for him. He is now signing more and more like:
All Done
I'm really proud of him and his amazing progress!! Still not talking but more babbling that is starting to sound more like words. I was holding Milo and told him to say Hi and wave and he waved and made the "H" sound. That may sound like we have a long way to go (maybe we do), but we have also come along way, so that is what counts!
He is now attending a sensory class at KOTM every week and I feel like it is helping, especially with interacting with other children. It is helping me better understand why Riv does certain things and also things I can do to help him more. We are going to try to help him be more okay with being touched, because he hates it now. So, I will update later on progress with that as well.
Love you Riv and so proud of my Smart little Boy!!

River's new Talent

River has a new found talent...Make up artist!! I'm not sure his Dad will be to happy about this, but I'm thrilled ;) someone who knows how to make me pretty...priceless!! He loves watching me put my make up on especially mascara and the eyelash curler. Well I guess he decided he had done enough watching and was ready to put his education to practice. I found him just like this :) He was very proud of himself, as you can see Milo was a little concerned about his brothers new talent. Lol! 
Man I love being a Mommy! These boys are the BEST...even when their not :)

New Friends

Milo has a new friend, his name is Ty! Ty is one of my best friends son who arrived about a month after Milo. My friend, Cheyenne, and I have been friends since we were 2 so we were both excited to find out we were expecting so close together. We are sure they will be besties too :) They met for the first time the other day so we got some pics to show them when they are older. Their friendship is starting a little earlier then mine and Cheyenne's, they are only 2 and 3 months old!
River also found a new friend at Costco...a GIANT Micky Mouse!! He didn't get to bring this one home because really that is just way to big of a stuffed animal to have in our condo! He loved it though! So, I have a question for you guys...What are you getting your kids for Christmas? I am wanting to get something more educational for Riv, but something he would still want to play with...any ideas?

Day @ The Hogle Zoo

We decided at the last minute to go to the Hogle Zoo. It was the perfect day to go, the weather just started to cool down so it wasn't so hot. Since it was kind of last minute we didn't even get to the Zoo until 3.  It was so nice, we basically had the Zoo to ourselves since we went later in the day. River has never really been that into animals, but I thought since he was older he might pay more attention to them...nope! haha! He couldn't care less. Oh well at least he was well behaved. It was fun just to walk around and go on the train. Riv did like the train part :) The Zoo has a Lion water fountain that has been there since I was a kid so I wanted to recreate a pic of me drinking out of the fountain as a child with River, but he was scared of it. So I got a pic of him pointing at it :) It was a good day at the Zoo!
I was lucky enough to get a quick visit with my friend and her daughter who were at Primary Children's Hospital after the Zoo. It was so good to see them, Lucy looked great and was all smiles. She has a heart condition and still has a long road ahead of her, but she is a champ and is quite the fighter :) Love you guys!

Saturday, September 10, 2011


 My parents were visiting Park City like they do each year for their anniversary. They were gone for about 5 days, so instead of visiting grandma we did a lot of playing around the house.
 Both Boys LOVE being naked, so that's how we hung out for awhile each morning :) Playing on the bed is always one of Riv's favorite things to do! Milo just likes watching River, so it works out :)
 Milo's eyes are still this beautiful Blue. I hope they stay that color, but I don't remember when River's eyes changed color, so they still could change. River's eyes are Super Brown, but the edges are a really dark blue if you look close, it's pretty cool!
 Trying to be like Daddy
 But hasn't quite got these glassed figured out!
 Just chillin' with my stud muffins :)
 Well, because I have wonderful parents, they invited us to come and spend the last few days with them in their condo @ Park City! River was THRILLED to say the least. He REALLY missed going to see grandma at her house. I past the street you turn onto to get to my parents a couple time (not even their house, just the street) and River would just LOSE it. At first I couldn't figure out why he was screaming, but then I saw that he was pointing to their street (that we were passing) and screaming and then started to cry when we didn't turn :( Sad! So when he saw Grandma and Grandpa in Park City he was nothing but smiles! He ran around the condo giggling. It was pretty cute! I think my parents liked being missed as well ;) The condo was great, Tony and I had our own little loft area to stay. Riv slept on the couch in the loft. I took this pic of him at about 3 in the morning, when I woke up to feed Mi. I looked over to see how Riv was doing and he was just dangling off the side! I stared laughing and grabbed my camera, it looks like his feet are touching the floor, but they weren't! Just dangling off the edge! haha! Poor I helped him to get a little more comfortable.
 River Loves water so we decided to take him to the hot tub because it was too cold for the pool, but when we got there he wanted to go in the pool even though it was cold. So Tony and Riv went back and forth from the pool to the hot tube in the rain :)
 Look how happy he is just swimming in the rain!
 I forgot to take pics while we were there so these are pretty random. We discovered River's love of straws while there. (weird, haha)
 It was so nice to just be able to relax for a few days in a beautiful place. Thanks so much Mom & Dad for letting us come join you in Beautiful Park City!!
 Back at home and back to reality. But isn't my reality CUTE!!! Love these boys!! (don't be offended by the flag please...Tony is a southern boy, what can I say?! ;)
 Brothers just watching Winnie the Pooh together in their Jammies. I am so glad that they love each other right now. They are so cute together, I hope it last!
 I'm proud to say that Milo is getting long beautiful lashes just like his big brother! Now I just hope if we have a girl she will get them too.
 Drunk pose! lol!
 This is my Gummy Bear...
 ...and my sugar baby!
 River who usually avoids the camera, wanted a pic with his brother, so of course I was happy to take one ;)
My sweet sugar is getting so big. How do you stop time? They grow to fast...soak it up...soak it up...I don't want to miss anything and I SO want to remember these precious times!!