Monday, May 30, 2011

Memorial Weekend at the Aquarium

We wanted to take advantage of Tony having the day off for Memorial Day, but we weren't sure what to do. Turns out it was bad weather and a lot of things we would have liked to do wouldn't work. We ended up deciding to go up to Sandy and visit the Living Aquarium. We weren't looking forward to the crowds, knowing it was a holiday and bad weather, we knew the crowds would be there. It was really busy, but it was still fun. River's favorite things were getting to touch the sting rays and watching the Penguins. Other then those two things he just liked running around! haha! It was fun to watch him having a good time. When it was time to leave he cried, but Tony and I were done :) We came home had lunch, Tony took Riv to the park and then we rented some movies and watched them with my Mom. It was a fun day together! 
We also didn't forget to remember the point of Memorial Day. We are so grateful to all in the armed forces and for all that they do to protect the freedoms we enjoy! Hope you had a great Memorial Day as well!


So the weather has been crazy lately! One day we are playing in the park...

...the next we are bundled up like Winter!

We enjoy the days we can be outside though.

Riv loves being outside and running in the grass!

Look at that face! haha!

Another Classic River face.

Sporting his new Red Toms.

We visited Riv's old friend from work Megan. She just got her Mission call and Riv will miss her very much!

Watching movies at Grandma's

Just being a cutie!

Hangin with his friend Kyla

They enjoy watching Movies together. Cute!

A miracle nap taking place :)

My Sweet boy asleep :) Look how long his hair is getting...I love it :)

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Baby #2 Update 36 Weeks

So I feel kind of bad that I really haven't done many updates or anything with this pregnancy. There just really hasn't been much to talk about, things have gone really smoothly! I haven't been sick at all (thanks to B6 and Unisom taken daily) which has been the biggest BLESSING! I feel like overall the pregnancy process has gone be really quickly, except for maybe the last few weeks. I feel like the last few weeks seem long no matter what. I have just been staying busy being a mommy to a very active 2 year old!
I am now 36 weeks along and have been starting to feel a lot of pressure and slight cramping. I went to my normal check up today and she examined me and said that I am 2 cm dilated, 80% effaced, and completely anterior! That is great news, especially because my body basically did nothing to prepare for River. I know that that obviously doesn't mean I will go into labor anytime soon, but I'm just proud of my body for actually doing some of the work this time! haha!
I was scheduled to go to Las Vegas on Monday (for a week) for a buying trip, but when I told my Dr. that she looked at me like I was crazy and said "I don't think that is a good idea!" She told me it was my choice of course but she would highly suggest I don't go. So that kind of stinks, especially cause I'm sure I could go and be totally fine, but I guess I better play it safe. Right?
My Dr. told me that even though I went 10 days over with Riv and that delivery was complicated, I shouldn't be expecting that this time. She said it will go much faster and not to wait to long to go to the hospital if I go into labor unless I want to have my baby in my car! I hope she is right and that this delivery will go much faster and smoother then River's. We scheduled an induction for a week early, so I will be meeting my new little guy in three weeks from today! Yay! June 16th is when I'm scheduled to be induced :) (I think my Mom is hoping he is born on the 17th so they can share a birthday!)
I'm so excited to meet him and get to see what he looks like and get to know his personality! I can't wait for River to meet him and hope he won't be jealous and try to kill him :) I think the will love each other though and can't wait for them to be good friends. I am getting a little nervous about going into newborn stage again...sleepless nights and then all day with a newborn and 2 year old! How do you Mom's do it?! Give me some advice you wish you would have been given about having a second child, I'm going to need it!!

Saturday, May 7, 2011

My Mother's Day gift to Myself!

Tony helped hang this cute family Collagaue for me!

New duvet and sheets with new shelve and lamp

New frame with Family Picture

I have been wanting to change a few things around the house for awhile now. I decided Mother's day was the perfect excuse to get them done. I got a new duvet cover and sheets for our Bedroom, Got a shelve to display some pics and a frame in our room, a lamp for our bedroom, I made a collagaue of pictures above our couch, and got a bunch of photos developed I have been meaning to do forever! Yay it was so fun to finally get a few things done around here. I really like how they all turned out. Our bedroom actually feels like we didn't just move in now! :)

2 Year Check up and Stats

For Riv's actual Bday we had Cake and Ice cream. This is the cake he picked out :)

Daddy helping him blow out the candles!

River went to his 2nd year check up and got 2 shots :( He HATES going to the Dr. office and pretty much screams the whole time and won't even let the Dr. touch him without a battle. I love my Dr. though he is really great and doesn't push it because he knows Riv is so sensitive about the whole Dr. situation. haha! He is doing well except he is delayed on speech, which the Dr. said can be very normal for boys. He recommended us to Kids on the Move to help with his speech, so we are hoping that will help get him on track.

River's 2 Year Stats:

Length: 34 3/4"  50% (the Dr. said he didn't feel like this was accurate and he is probably more in the 75%)
Weight: 27 lbs  25%
Head Circ: 49.4 cm 50%

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

2 year Photo shoot

Today is River's Birthday!! 2 years ago today River was 10 days overdue and I was starting to get impatient with his timing. He finally came after a very long delivery and all the waiting was so worth it! He is the most amazing thing that has happened to Tony and I. We love this boy more then he will ever be able to understand! He still isn't talking, but points at everything he wants. He is a very picky little eater! All I can count on him eating is oatmeal and strawberries. He is very sweet and loves being outside. He is starting to do the tantrum thing, but it hasn't been to bad as of late (fingers crossed). He is the biggest sugar baby you have ever met, some of his favorites include: suckers, gummy bears, fruit roll ups, Oreo cakesters, and pretty much anything sweet. He is a joy and I love this boy!!
Happy Birthday Boo!
I decided to do a quick little photo shoot for his 2nd Birthday. I am not a photographer in any way, so as you can see most of these pics are of his back. haha! I figured the only way to get him to cooperate at all was with candy, hence the sucker and sticky drool :) 
River had received a free meal at Brick Oven for his Birthday so Uncle Trev and I took him for lunch and then I took him for this quick photo shoot afterward.