Friday, November 9, 2012

It's Halloween time!

River is SO into all things spooky and scary!
So he really enjoyed the climax to Halloween this year.

I caught him digging into the pumpkin cake I made.

 Well I learned my boys love pumpkins, but DO NOT love carving them!
River was convinced that when we cut open the pumpkin a ghost or candy would be inside. 
He lost interest pretty fast when that didn't happen :)
Milo on the other hand got sick! He came over to see what was inside and started dry heaving!
I told him to go away so he wouldn't get sick. He did, but found his way back.
I guess he was still curious?
Well when he came back the second time his dry heaving turned into vomit all over the pumpkin!
(as you can see in the pic)
Man that kid sure has a weak stomach :)

We did our annual visit to the Vineyard Pumpkin patch

We went with my Friend Mary and her two boys
Caleb and Eli

It was the first day it snowed of the season and it was Freezing, but still a lot of fun!



Climbing the totem pole

Running around and having fun together.
Caleb and River really got along and had fun together.

We also visited Riverwoods Pumpkin parade.

River is really into the Charlie brown seasonal movies right now so he loved this adorable display!

Uncle Doug was able to come visit the boys one day!
They liked getting to know him better.
We wish you were closer Doug :)

River loved this pumpkin he got at school.

Grandma Foscarini came out for a few days before Halloween.
The boys has so much fun playing with her and having her around more.

This kid is always on the run! All my pics of him are blurry!

River is convinced there is an crocodile that lives in this rain gutter at the park!
He always goes and looks down it and tell the crocodile to wake up!

River got to dress up on Halloween day for school. So I decided to dress Milo up too.

Milo and his Grandma's! River would not get in this picture!

River was a lightening mcqueen pit crew guy

They had a costume parade at his school and it was so fun to see all the kids!
The only pic I got of him walking by at the parade was blurry, but look how shy he was being!
He looked so cute!

After school we went for lunch at Macaroni Grill.

Later that night we all got into our real Halloween costumes!
Milo was a jail bird trying to break out from behind bars.

Riv and I were the law and Tony and Milo were the law breakers!!

Riv and his little girlfriends Kyla and Aubrey

Trick or Treat!
Riv really loved and got Trick or treating this year :)

Jail birds

River giving a fits pump and screaming Halloween! LOL!
It was so cute how excited he was!!

Milo had on a ball and chain, it was so cute but kept falling off. You can kind of see it in this pic.
It was such a fun Halloween with family!
We took the boys to a few houses then came back to my parents and just let them play in the front yard while trick or treaters came by.
I think they liked that better then trick or treating themselves.
Grandma Foscarini brought them glow lights to play with and they were such a hit!!
The boys loved playing with them in the yard and all the trick or treaters kept asking if the could have them :)
The weather was so perfect this year, it was a wonderful Halloween!

Playing in the falling leaves

Aubrey and Riv

Milo taking Riv on a walk!

We just started our first season of Elf on the shelf.
Owen (our elf river named) is in a new hiding spot each morning and watches the kids and reports to Santa if they have been good or bad!
They love looking for Owen every morning!!

We just had our first real snow!
Bring out the boots and hats!!

Baby it's cold outside!
It's getting me more into the holiday spirit!!
I love this time of year :)