Tuesday, August 25, 2009

What do you think?

Rivy matched the bedding!
What a little poser!
The Duvet is green and white
Tony and I have been in desperate need of some new bedding in our room. Our old bedding was just so dark and depressing. I just got this today, and it was a amazing deal!! It looks somewhat similar to what I really wanted in Potterybarn, but MUCH less expensive! I, of course, like the potterybarn one better, but for the money I think this will be just fine. What do you think? I need to paint the walls too...what color do you think would look good? River was such a good boy while we were shopping I got him the little stuffed bear (we named him keke), he really likes keke and sucks on his nose and arms :)

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River Bear's Favorite Things...

Making funny faces, "talking", laughing & smiling...
Toys like Coonie (pictured)...
Visiting Grandma's house...
Puppies & Binki of course...
Last but not least! Sleeping!!

These are just a few of River's favorite things as of now. I'm sure the list will get a little more interesting as he gets older.

Whipped Cream!

River has discovered Whipped cream! He LOVES the stuff, he laughs anytime I give him any. I think he is going to have a major sweet tooth. He almost attacks my finger when I give him the stuff! I tried to give him some rice cereal because he has really been acting interested in my food, but I think he is ruined. He hated the rice cereal and will only take little bites of whipped cream or pudding off my finger! Oops! I started the sugar a little to early I fear :s Hopefully when he starts eating more real foods he will like the non sweet stuff too!

The Funny Faces of River

He is getting so big! I love him :)
Not quite sure what this face was for?!
A happy fatty!! :)
Riv has the biggest eyes, they melt me!!

One of the first things River did when he was born was snort! It was so funny and shocking to everyone in the delivery room when he started to snort like a little pig, everyone just started to laugh! Ever since then he still snorts every once in awhile. Well the other day I decided I would snort back at him and he just went crazy laughing, it was hilarious! I had never seen him laugh for so long or so loud, so I told Tony to run and get the camera so we could record it. So enjoy, I hope it makes you smile and laugh too :)

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Nakie Rivy

I have been practicing on my camera lately. As you can see River is always the model and doesn't always like it :) I'm also trying to work on my lighting as you can tell, but my cute subject makes up for the problems.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Jonny Jump Up

He doesn't quite get the jumper yet

River & his friend Alea (They are 4 days apart)

I got River a jumper, but I think he is still a little young for it. He doesn't jump he just kind of spins, but it is cute to watch. It makes me laugh whenever he is in it. The pic of him and Alea cracks me up because it looks like Riv just punched her and that is why she is crying! I love this video cause Riv gets such a suprised look on his face when Tony makes his noises.

River is 3 months old :)

My Sweet Angel
Yep...he smiles in his sleep! haha

I'm about a week late, but River is 3 months old now! He weighs about 12 lbs. He seems to be getting bigger everyday, especially in length. I think he is going to be long and lean like his papa. He gets more handsome everyday, and people are starting to say they see Tony in him. I am a little behind because I am back at work now. I am lucky enough to be able to take Riv with me, but it is kind of difficult trying to work and take care of him. We are making it work I guess, he is my work buddy :) Today I am actually supposed to be at work with him, but I think he may be getting a cold. He has been very upset all day and has a runny nose, so work didn't quite work today :( I just hope he gets feeling better.