Monday, August 6, 2012

Riv & Milo Stats!

Well I am playing catch up on the blog. 
I never posted River and Milo's Growth stats back from 6/8/2012


Weight: 34 lbs  75%
Length: 39 inches  85%

He really moved up on his weight! I don't know how though? All this kid eats is crackers and sweets!
Maybe those sweets are catching up with him ;)
He is doing a little better about eating, but only a little and not consistently.
We just keep working on it :)


Weight:  18lb 4oz  0% or <5 nbsp="nbsp" p="p">
Length:  29 in.  25%
Head Circ: 17.5 in.  5%

Milo is still itty bitty! He has turned into almost a more picky eater then River!! I don't know why my kids won't eat?? I for sure don't have that problem ;) This kid LOVES watermelon and goldfish crackers. I'm not kidding when I tell you that that is pretty much what he lives on. It's so bad!! I hate having picky eaters. For whatever reason it never seemed to strongly effect River's weight but Milo is tiny. He is a very strange eater too. He never just eats something, he will constantly take it in and out of his mouth. Which makes it that he actually gets very little of what he eats. Even watermelon he usually just sucks the juice out and then spits the actual watermelon out! It's pretty weird and very frustrating.
Any of you had this problem with your kiddos?


Tony and I worked all day today on our organizing/ cleaning projects.
First, we went through the whole house and cleaned the walls, baseboards, and crown molding.
Then our next project was to de-clutter and revamp the office.


We turned the office space into a playroom/office.
I have been meaning to do this for awhile, but just couldn't get up the courage to tackle it.
Tony had a day off so we decided to hit it together and just get it done!


I think allowing the kids their own space, instead of just the living room, to play and watch movies will be nice for them and me :)


I was worried the office would be cramped with all their toys too, but luckily I was able to rearrange everything so it fills the space just right!


The next project was cleaning out our deck closet storage. It was just a mess of stuff.
Tony installed some shelves and we donated a lot of stuff and now we actually have a little bit of storage. Yay!


NYC 2012

The boys, my Dad and Trevor all got to go to NYC for a few days on a business trip.
NYC is one of the only Major cities I have never been to.
I loved it!

River LOVED fao shcwartz!
It was only a block from our hotel so we went a couple time.

There was a lot of walking in this trip, which I loved!, I don't think the boys liked being so stroller bound though.

We visited a lot of fun places and ate at great restaurants including Shake shack! Yummy!

More walking :)

Central Park was beautiful! 
I also loved running in the park! It was great!

The guys!

Another places we visited for chocolate goodness. Nora's. I saw it on the best thing I ever ate.
Chocolate overload!

Time square.
I hate places like time square. Busy packed and so touristy.
I guess I can say I have been there, but I wish I hadn't.

Oh to be a little kid again :)

New World Trade Building.
Unfortunately we missed the memorial, we didn't know you had to have tickets to go and when were got there they were sold out :(

Statue of Liberty!

Lady Liberty. 
We didn't go out to see her because of the kiddos, but I hope I get to see her up close someday.

Riv, loved the boats at Battery Park.

We hit up this museum. We went late in the day so we got in Free!
It was perfect to go late because we didn't need a lot of time because the kids wouldn't take being there too long. So we got to go through quickly!

The boys loved when they got a chance to get out of their strollers and run in the Park!

They loved chasing the pigeons.
Milo especially loved the pigeons :)

NYC was great! I loved the City and didn't feel to closed in.
I loved all the walking and window shopping.
Such a fun City, I would love to go back!!

The Zoo & Memorial Day

We took the boys to the Zoo to see the new "Shores" exhibit.

The boys loved the seals and the polar bear!

They both really liked this weird animal too?! I don't remember it's name.

Tony raised Milo up for a close up view of the Tiger!

Riv loved the Train ride of course :)

For Memorial day my family all went up to Sundance for lunch.

I love Sundance and my Family so it was a lot of fun.
We went on the lift after a wonderful lunch.

Messy Milo

This little boy has been nicknamed pigpen! 
He is such a MESS!!
He is like no child I have ever seen, he is just a total messy disaster ALL the time!!
It drives me crazy!

Reading with Gma

Gaming at Uncle Trev's

River loves choo choo's

and cookies! He was hiding behind the couch eating a whole bag of cookies when I found him in this pic!! Look at that guilty face, for a boy who wont eat, he sure will eat sweets!

This is a pic of both boys right after breakfast! Milo is disgusting and covered in his food that he dumped all over his tray. River is OCD about not getting food on him. Haha!

I think this kid loves cake a little too much when I have to take a cake mix box with us everywhere we go so he can hold it and say "cake!"
Love him!!