Saturday, April 30, 2011

It's your Birthday(s)...shout Hooray!!

River loved the balloons. He was sitting on this deflated one :)

Movie themed Birthday called for Movie sized candy!

Riv's Favorite treat was the Twizzlers

The Birthday Boys!!

Riv was excited for the guests to arrive :)

It was fun to get to celebrate the two boys in my life at the same time!

I'm one lucky Mommy to have such a cutie pie as a son!

Love his Eyelashes...wish they came from me ;)

The "Concession" stand

Gotta have popcorn for a Movie Party!

The guest included My parents, sister and brother.

Riv was so excited to open his presents!!

Happy Birthday Tony and River!! I love you both more then you know!!

Tony's birthday was today, he turned 29! River's birthday is on May 4th (he will be 2), so we decided to do a combined party. River got Tangled the movie for his Birthday so we decided to do a movie themed party! We had a "concession" stand of soda, popcorn, and candy for the guests. My parents, sister and brother came and we all had a good time. River loved getting a bunch of summer clothes and a baseball with bat. Tony got birthday money, a coupon for a hour on the surf rider wave, and a movie date of his choice. He also got dinner at Tucano's from my parents.
I can't believe how old Tony and I are getting!! We are almost in our 30's! Crazy! I can't even believe that my sweet baby is going to be 2...where does the time go?! He is getting so big and really isn't my baby anymore (even though he will always be my baby) he is turning into a big boy now. Oh how we love him...I seriously can't put into words what I feel for him. He is the best thing that has ever happened to Tony and I. We thank our Heavenly Father everyday for sending him to us...what a joy!!
Happy Birthday to my two Sweet Boys! You are my reason for living!
Love you both!

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Blanket for Baby

I made this for the new baby! It looks a little girlie, but what ya gonna do ;)

Playing with his new toys from China (as if all his toys aren't from China!)

I made River a blanket before he was born and decided I would try to do that with every kid. I got some really cute fabric from a friend (her company is baby bintz) and used some extra fabric I forgot I had. I don't think I had used my sewing machine since I made River's blanket so I had to think for a minute how to do everything again. haha! It came back quick though and I think it turned out really cute. It does look a little girlie, but so did River's! I don't know why I have such a hard time doing a blanket that looks just boy?! I am wanting to get it quilted, but I'm debating if I should spend the money. What do you think, should I have it quilted?

Today Riv and I went and picked up Uncle Trev from the airport. He had been on a business trip to China. He said it was amazing, but was glad to be home. He bought Riv this cute airplane vehicle package and Riv loved it! Riv is so loved and spoiled by so many people. Trev really loves him and Riv loves his Uncle! Welcome home uncle Trevor!

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter 2011

He wasn't loving the hat, but it was to cute :)

I thought this was a good shot of his rat tail curls that I love!

You can see the string that is holding it on his head!

Half way smiling about his new Easter suit :)

River does this sometimes, it's kinda weird! haha!

The grass if finally green! Come Spring Come!!

Running with Daddy

The hat only lasted through church...I was impressed it lasted that long!

Grandpa lovin' his boy!

Easter Basket aftermath!

One Spoiled, but Happy kid!

We had a wonderful Easter Sunday. We spent the morning relaxing and teaching River a little about Christ's Resurrection, mainly with pictures. We are so thankful and blessed to know that Christ died for all of us and lived again that we can all live again. It truly is an amazing gift! While showing pictures of Christ coming out of the tomb it took my back to when I was lucky enough to travel to Israel with my family and get to visit the tomb. It was located just outside the busy, noises city. When you entered the garden where the tomb is though it is quite and peaceful. It was so amazing to be there and feel of the amazing spirit that resides there. That was one of my favorite places we visited. It was just so beautiful and quiet. I feel so blessed to have had that experience!
We got River all dressed up in his Easter best, hat included! He looked so cute! My Mom attached a string to the hat so he couldn't rip it off :) We went to church and had a great Sacrament meeting, but got some sad new at the end :( They are doing away with most Student married wards (which is what we attend) and now we will have to attend a family ward. I was so sad! I love being with people our own age and in our same situation. I will really miss our sweet Bishop Campbell too! He was so wonderful. I'm sure we will enjoy our new ward, but change is always hard. I will really miss the BYU 98th ward. Tony and I have really been in that ward since we have been married so almost 4 years! I have made some great friends that will no longer be in my ward and that makes me sad. I do know people that are in our new ward and they are great, so that helps. Next week we will go to a meeting at the Marriott Center where they will officially announce the change, then off to the home ward. Luckily the Bishop and his wife are kind enough to have a open house so we can all say goodbye to each other, so I'm looking forward to that. Changes I don't like right away, but I'm sure it will be for the best.
We then went over to my parents house for a delicious Easter dinner of Ham, cheesy potatoes, rolls, fruit salad, etc. It was wonderful as always! We did miss having Trevor there because he is in China on business and of course Tate who is living in Kansas. River was then spoiled rotten with two Easter baskets and his very own Easter Egg hunt. Love that boy!

Happy Easter! Hope you had as Wonderful a Day as we did.

Friday, April 22, 2011

Meet River's Future Wife :)

Meet Mckyla, Riv's future wife! They couldn't be happier ;)

River LOVES chasing her around the yard and just laughs and laughs!

So Cute!

Riv's favorites Strawberries and oatmeal. That's about all he eat these days! Crazy kid.

Gpa & Gma Foscarini sent Beautiful Easter flowers!!

Thank you so much for the wonderful arrangement! We LOVE it!!

Meet Mckyla Strong, she lives across the street from my parents house and comes to get candy from my Mom (like so many of the neighbor kids). Well for some reason whenever she would come over to get candy River and her just had some kind of connection to each other. Pretty soon Kyla started telling us "He wants to Marry me!" then that turned into her telling River "I'm not going to marry you." and now she is saying "We are going to get married, but it is River's choice. He loves me!" It is really cute. They really do love being together and playing as often as possible (I think Kyla likes it because she get more candy. haha!). River actually cries every time she leaves, but she always tells him she will come play tomorrow :) It is so funny because River is not attracted to all, or any kids for that matter, except Kyla. So I think this is River's first crush, and I guess he goes for the older girls because she is 5. They are too cute :)

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Trailer Trash! Really?

 Bath time

 Rare moment of sleeping!

 His hair does look a little crazy in this shot!

 I have to laugh because..

 ...River just randomly started...

 ...posing when I got out the camera! haha!

Such a stud!

My parents have been giving Tony and I a hard time about River's hair lately, they say he is starting to look like Trailer Trash! His hair is getting longer and it is curly. I think it is so cute though! Riv was such a baldy bean for so long I really can't cut it off now. I have trimmed the top a little but I really don't want to cut the back. I know it is kind of a rat tail, but It looks cute! What do you think? Is it time to cut or is it cute?!

Monday, April 4, 2011

Conference Weekend!

 My cutie pie!

 So a few people have asked to see a pic of my belly...ugh! So here you go have a good laugh :)
(I'm 29 wks here)

 We have been enjoying some warmer days at the park!
River is totally obsessed with the outdoors and never wants to be inside!

 He loves the swings...once I get him in it is very hard to get him out :)

 What an innocent face right? Not quite ;)

 Running wild and free outdoors! FREEDOM!

Love this boy!

Well as always we had a wonderful Conference Weekend. I LOVE Conference! I remember when I was young and hated having to sit there for 4 hours on Sat and Sun, but now I can't get enough! I always feel so uplifted and totally rededicated to goals I have for myself and my family. I feel so blessed to have such amazing leaders that truly love and watch out for us. I love how upbeat they always are and that they always remind us that the future is bright if we are following the Lord's plan...whatever that may mean for us. I know life is full of trials, but I feel more confident that if I am doing as the Lord has asked I can make it through the trials given me. I feel I have so much to work on both personally and for my family. I know I just need to take those small steps to allow Christ more fully in my life. I feel so blessed for all that I have: The Gospel, Wonderful Family, Great Husband, Children to love,  a place to call Home. I have so much and know that I need to do better at sharing my blessings with others. I can't wait to get the Conference Ensign and read every article to Riv. (I did that with the last Conference edition while Riv was in the bath and I really liked it.) I know that he may not understand yet, but I feel like it helps him to know what the spirit is. ( I can only do it when he is bathing so he is contained, otherwise forget it! ) I hope you were able to listen to Conference as well, if not you missed out and should watch it! Can't wait for the next one :)