Friday, August 19, 2011

We've been upgraded


Riv LOVES his Disney movies!
I guess we are kind of a charity case when it comes to our tv, because we have only had hand me downs. (Which I am way grateful for because I really wouldn't put the money into a tv right now.) We first started off with a small tv I had in my room since High School, VCR player and all! It was pretty bad, but then a flat screen at the store that they used to play dvd's broke (just the dvd player) so we were lucky enough to get that. It was small and Tony had to sit close to see but it worked and we were grateful. Well Trev is getting a new tv and very kindly offered to give us his old one, which is a way nice tv! What a great Bro I have! Thanks Trev!
Well Tony got our new tv all hooked up and put Winnie the Pooh on for Riv. He said Riv just started to laugh uncontrollably when he saw how BIG Pooh had become on our new screen :) Needless to say Riv has very much enjoyed the new tv. 
Thanks a Million Trev!