Tuesday, June 7, 2011

River's 1st set of wheels!

Giving Daddy a big welcome home hug

Taking his new wheels out for a spin!

He is still working on his steering abilities :)

I think his face in this pic says it all!

This is River's first sighting of his new car!

All I can say is River is one very Loved and Spoiled little boy! Tony arrived home from Vegas yesterday evening and River was so happy to see him, but not quite as happy as he was to see his gift from sweet Great Grandma Jan! I can not even tell you how obsessed with cars River is, really obsessed! He carries cars with him everywhere he goes, sometimes he tries to carry so many at once that he gets frustrated he can't hold them all and cries. haha! Well, I don't know how GG Jan nailed it on the head so well, but I think River thinks he has died and gone to heaven! We took him outside to see his new set of wheels and he just started running toward it, but then I think he thought it must be someone else's toy and stopped, Tony reassured him it was his toy and he ran straight for it and got right in for a test drive! It was so cute!! He couldn't wipe the smile off his face :)
Jan Thank you so much for not only thinking about River, but seriously making his dreams come true! You are so sweet and wonderful to us, we Love you!
We are so sorry for your recent loss and hope you are doing well, much Love.
(It's even better because GG Jan bought the car at a Charity auction, so the money went to a good cause too!)