Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Christmas time and Parties

It's time to get a Christmas Tree!!

on the hunt!

I love this pic of Riv! He felt like such a big boy helping daddy!

Milo found Owen the elf! Our new tradition with The elf on the shelf!
The boys love it!

Helping decorate Grandma's tree

Just living the good life!

Christmas Nativity toy from gma and gpa Foscarini

The boys loved it! Especially that it played music.

The coolest dollar store buy! Light guns!

Tony and I at Trev's Christmas party

What we got at the party. It was at Cheesecake factory! Yum!

A real battle was going on!

Riv came home from school with a santa hat :)

Riv and Milo opening their treats at grandmas

Milo LOVED the snow!! He would scream when I would finally take him inside!

River Loved Christmas this year! It makes it so fun!

Tony and I had friends over to our place for a little Christmas Party!
It was a great time!
here are some of the minute to minute games we played :)

shake the ping pong balls out of the box!

With a piece of raw spaghetti in your mouth pick of some raw noodles.

Chuck and Eliza

Mary, Jorge, and Eli

moving an oreo from your forehead to your mouth with only your face!

Meredith and Jacob

blowing the ping pong balls from one cup of water to another.

Cheyenne (Tyson was unable to make it)

Eric and Lara

Sucking m&m's from a straw from one plate to another.

Photo Booth:

 Merry Christmas Everyone!!
Love, The Foscarini's