Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Christmas Eve 2012

Some of the Feller Family Christmas traditions {food}
Won Tons

Tony surprised everyone on Christmas Eve, dressed up as Buddy the Elf!

It was pretty funny :)

He came bearing gifts for his favorite boys :)

These boys adore their Daddy!!

Riv tried out the elf hat too.
He kept calling Tony, Owen, our elf on the shelf elf :)

Christmas Eve dinner with my family

It was so wonderful to have a couple days where everyone was free and could just spend time together!
This is why I love Christmas, I love my Family :)

One tired elf...

River was SO excited this year for everything! If anyone came over to our house or my Moms house he would take them to the Christmas tree and "Vanna White" the tree in excitement.
He was super excited to open his Christmas Jammies :) He just kept saying "jammies! jammies!"
It was really cute and makes Christmas so fun when the kids are really into it.

My dad bought everyone onesie jammies last year, so he rocked his again this year.

One of the "hit" gifts this year were the nerf guns!

It is Feller Family tradition to open all our tree or family presents Christmas Eve.
Then Christmas day is Santa Presents.

Grandma and her reindeer

Reading of the true Christmas story is always a tradition as well.
I am thinking we are going to need to make it a little more interactive next year for the boys.
They were getting a little antsy for present time ;)




The Nerf Shotgun!! Oh yeah!!

Milo got some Balls and loved them!

River was sweet enough to help his Auntie open some presents too

This was a Lego and Nerf Christmas!!

After all the fun Tony took the boys home while my great brothers helped Santa set up for Christmas Morning!

Building blocks

Lego train that is motorized!

Sesame Street

Why did River get so many Legos?!
My brothers got this Lego train for the boys and stayed up until 3am with me setting it up and gluing it together so the boys couldn't destroy it!
Thanks so much Trevor and Tate for loving my boys so much!
They sure do love their Uncles!!

Drum Set

Sleds and gloves from Gma and Gpa :)

We had such a beautiful Christmas Eve with Family!
Hope you all had a beautiful night as well :)