Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Christmas and New Year!

The Day finally arrived!
River and Milo were stunned by the beauty of their moving Lego train :)

Trev and Tate showing Riv how to work the controls

Milo loves Rocking out on the drums!

I surprised Tony with a couple pair of Allen Edmond shoes :)

Riv was a Rock Star too

Tate, Tony and I decided it would be fun to go try out the new sleds the boys got for Christmas.

It was so much fun to get out in the beauty that was this Christmas day.
We went over to Cascade park and had a blast!!

Unfortunately the adults forgot to bring gloves!
I don't know what we were thinking? Our hands were so cold! haha!

Everyone had a blast!
The boys loved it!
I would love to make this a tradition as long as there is snow.

River was brave enough to go by himself!

Tony getting annoyed with me taking pictures :/

Tony even sent Milo down by himself!


Christmas was wonderful and such a fun time!
For New years my family went to eat at La Jolla Groves, then Tony and I went to a movie while the boys stayed with a babysitter.
It has been quite a challenge to get the boys adjusted to staying with a babysitter, but this last time went really well. So I am hoping that we are now over the hump and that the boys will be more receptive to their cute little babysitter, Anna. :)