Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Movie Overload!!

Milo's 18 month check up & Milestones

Well it has been awhile since I blogged, so I just wanted to post some pic and give some milestones that have happened to my beautiful Boys :)

These boys are learning how to play together now! It is so fun to watch.
We are still working on sharing, but overall they get along pretty well :)

I found this old photo of Milo on my camera roll. Isn't he the cutest!!
I decided to use this older pic to post Milo's 15 month stats, because I forgot to put them up :(

Milo 15 Month Check up:

Weight: 20 lb. 4 oz.   5%
Length: 31.5 in.   55%
Head: 17.5 in.   5%

Milo is my tiny little guy, but this time he really jumped up in height! 55% wahoo! Good job Mi man!

Milo 18 month Check up:

Weight: 22 lb. 13oz.   10%
Length: 33 in.   60%
Head: 17.75 in.   0%

I am so proud of my guy! He moved up in weight and length!! His head I guess is tiny, but it is still growing so the Dr. isn't worried about it. Now we just need to get this kid to learn to like food!!

River is so handsome :)

Here is the result of Milo being tiny :)
River's old pants are just to darn big on him!

River was trying to help his little bro out :)

Well one thing Milo loves is Oreo's!
Milo is the grossest little boy! haha!
He about drives his crazy clean Mommy crazy ;)
This boy likes eating off the floor, in fact prefers it! He will knock his food off the table so he can eat it off the floor! What is that about?!
This pic is just a perfect example of who Milo really is.
Man I sure do love this messy little boy :)

Milo loves to cuddle his little animals which I think is so cute. River doesn't show any interest in stuffed animals. I think it is so sweet that Milo loves them :)

Look how old Riv looks! I can't believe how fast he is turning into a big boy! {tear}
Riv is really progressing in his speech and especially his language comprehension! I am so proud of him!! He seemed to make a big leap in both areas over the Christmas break :)

Milo is such a cutie!
He is so attached to that bottle, he uses it as a pacifier.
I know it is time to get rid of it, but it helps him go to sleep, so Im not ready to get rid of it just yet!

Milo is ALWAYS getting stuck and falling. He is incredibly clumsy!!
His run is so awkward, he looks like he is a "gay gazelle" as my Mom calls it :) haha!
He is such a little boy with so much energy! I try to keep up, but my energy level is no where near his!

Their favorite part of the day...when Daddy gets home!!
They love it when Tony throws them onto the bed. They could do it all night :)

These little stink bugs always end up in Mommy and Daddy's bed. Now that Milo can get out of his crib it's all over. This is what I wake up to every morning :)

River's eating habits have gotten a lot better!!
He is still incredibly picky, but there are about 3 or 4 things that I can count on him eating now. That may not sound like a lot, but it has been such a blessing! He used to literally just live off crackers :(
Unfortunately, Milo has taken over that roll. How did I get the two pickiest eaters??

I love these little moments when we can just be silly :)

River has learned to like cuties! yay!

Check out those curls! Riv has a BIG problem with me cutting his hair, so we avoided it as long as possible. I'm just glad he has beautiful curls :)

My sweet pumpkin!

I love Milo's facial expressions! He gives the best ones. He cracks me up.

I can very easily and shortly tell you what Milo will eat:

Goldfish crackers

Yup, that is it! I'm not exaggerating. It is a constant battle to get anything else into his diet. I really hate it and it is truly exhausting! I just pray that he is like River and will slowly let me add more things to his diet. Ugh!!

Riv helping his Auntie out :)
Such a precious moment to capture!

This little boy is a snow bunny! The cold doesn't bother him in the slightest. Too bad that I can't handle it as long as he can. He hates it when I take him inside!

Oh hello cutie :)

You can see in this pic that River got Pink eye on Christmas Eve :(

Relaxing after we went sledding.

He took about two bites and then was done. :(

Cubby's is so delish! We love it there :)

Personality personality

I finally had to cut Rivers hair. It was just getting way to long!
It took my Dad, Mom and Trev to distract him so that I could just quickly hack at it.
It really is just a hack job! He was sitting in my Dads lap so that was a little difficult, but mainly I just have to move SO fast so he wont freak out.
It went the smoothest a hair cut has ever gone! No bloody murder screaming, no crying, no breaking out in hives! Progress I tell ya!! He is slowly getting better with some of his strange issues :)

Riv loves being helpful and a big boy.

He followed grandpa everywhere he went with the snow blower.

My little Model :)

LOVE these boys so much!!
Even though they make me crazy ;)

Even though it can be incredibly challenging to be a Mommy, it is still the best thing that has ever happened to me!! I LOVE my sweeties more then I can say!!

We are really trying to get them to go to bed earlier. It is such a battle!
Working on it...we will hopefully see some improvement soon.

Being silly!

These boys have enjoyed some of the new movies they got for Christmas.
We can't wait for some warmer weather so we can get out a little bit more. I think we need to plan a little vacay somewhere sunny :)