Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Movies: 2 cute Boys!

Milo's 2 Month Stats

Milo's Stats:
Length: 23.4 inches (> 60%)
Weight: 11 lbs. 1 oz. (25%)
Head Circ: 38.2 cm (10%)

(Just for fun Riv's stats @ 2 month)
(L: 24 1/4 inches 75%)
(W: 11 lbs. 11oz. 25%)
(HC: 40.2 cm 25%)

Milo LOVES sucking his thumb, even more then his bink. It's super cute!
I love these pics of my sweeties together!! Makes me melt that they both love each other so much!

I'm so proud of my Gummy Bear!!

I can not even tell you how proud I am of this little gummy bear! We have been working with Kids on the Move and have started a "learning box" basically it is a box full of puzzles, matching games, bead threading, etc. to help him focus and just be able to follow commands, especially matching items to help with language. It is his "work" time and we pull the box out 2 times a day to "work". He has done AMAZING!! He LOVES his learning box and sits still, focuses, and obeys commands the whole time!! (These are all big hurdles for him) When we are done with his learning box he gets a reward of getting to watch a little lady bug that winds up and spins. He loves his reward! I have been working with him for awhile with sign language and it hasn't been successful. He hates it when I sign and it actually usually makes him really mad if I do it. (It's kind of weird, I guess it is a control thing for him)  Anyway, I decided to really focus on the sign for "more". So if he wanted to see his lady bug dance "more" I would do the sign and say "more", Well something finally clicked I guess because he does the sign now when he wants his lady bug to go again!!! I'm so thrilled!! I know it sounds like a small thing, but I feel like this was a huge hurdle we just jumped together! Linda (his kotm instructor) watched me do it with him today and she was amazed. SO PROUD!!! Love you Riv!! We will just keep working towards great things for you!! You can do it :) You are so smart sweetie and your Momma couldn't be more happy for you!! xoxo

Friday, August 26, 2011

I LoVe my FaMilY

 Sweet baby

 What a chub! :)

 The Fam @ Bridal Veil Falls

 Mi & I on the sidelines being cheeleaders

 The water is FREEZING, but Riv never seems to mind one bit!


 Riv loves to throw rocks and watch the splash

 Just sitting in the freezing water until...

 Dad got him a rock to sit on. 

 Look how long Mi is getting!!

 Riv got some new jammies because he is getting so big!

 One of Riv's more "Missionary Ready" do's ;)

Can I just tell  you how nice it is to have a baby that actually takes naps!! Miracles!! 

We have been trying to enjoy the last bit of Summer. 
I just have to say how blessed I feel everyday to be a Mother. I LOVE being a Mom and feel it is the best thing I have ever done with my life. I adore my boys and they make my life so much fuller. 
There are so many that I know that are struggling with sick children or the loss of children. It has really made me grateful for your examples of strength, love, and your Faith in our Heavenly Father. It makes me so grateful for my children and reminds me to hold them a little longer and squeeze them a little tighter. Much love to those struggling right now, you are all in my prayers!!

Friday, August 19, 2011


 Riv always lines things up! Can we say OCD! ;)

 Riv and his Mic

 Loving books

River has been working with Kids on the Move for the last couple months to help with his lack of speech.  He his one strong willed child and has figured out the 'learning tasks" I am given to work with him and will refuse to do any of them! They are simple things like pointing to pics in his books and saying what they are and then asking him to point to certain pics or making sounds into his mic and a few sign language signs. These are all tasks we have done before, but as soon as he figures out I am trying to get him to talk he closes his eyes and puts his hand up and screams and looks away. Even though he can do it and was just doing it a few seconds ago! His new thing is when I'm saying sounds or words to him, he will "shoosh" me or put his hand over my mouth so I can't talk any more! What a punk! Haha! Well as stubborn as he is he has been starting to make a lot more noises lately, so I guess just one step at a time. I told the woman who comes to help River all this and she says we just need to adjust how we are trying to teach him. So hopefully more positive updates to come :)

The Beach...

Well it's the only Beach we have visited this summer anyway...Provo Beach! Riv loves playing the games here and so does Tony :) Hopefully we will make it to a real beach soon.

Alpine Loop & Sundance

 Riv on his leash! I know it's kinda sad that I do this, but honestly it is for Riv's own safety, otherwise he will run into streets or river's! (He tried running into the street by our house and I had to hurry and set Milo down to run after him!!) With two now the leash is a lifesaver!

 He doesn't always like the leash, but he is getting used to it.


 Riv and his Sundance Sucker

 My Handsomes :)

 Riv started pulling the stroller...into the River of course...had to grab them both really quick!

Just chillin enjoying the Alpine Loop

Since Milo has come we really haven't been able to be out and about as much as Riv and I would like, but I decided to take the boys through the Alpine Loop and then Sundance. It was a nice little getaway for the afternoon. Love being so close to such a Beautiful Canyon!!

We've been upgraded


Riv LOVES his Disney movies!
I guess we are kind of a charity case when it comes to our tv, because we have only had hand me downs. (Which I am way grateful for because I really wouldn't put the money into a tv right now.) We first started off with a small tv I had in my room since High School, VCR player and all! It was pretty bad, but then a flat screen at the store that they used to play dvd's broke (just the dvd player) so we were lucky enough to get that. It was small and Tony had to sit close to see but it worked and we were grateful. Well Trev is getting a new tv and very kindly offered to give us his old one, which is a way nice tv! What a great Bro I have! Thanks Trev!
Well Tony got our new tv all hooked up and put Winnie the Pooh on for Riv. He said Riv just started to laugh uncontrollably when he saw how BIG Pooh had become on our new screen :) Needless to say Riv has very much enjoyed the new tv. 
Thanks a Million Trev! 

Just Mi

Mi is a special little man. He loves being held at all times and wants a lot of eye contact. He is starting to "talk" to us and it melts my heart to hear his sweet coos! He just hit his 2 month mark! Time flies!! He weighs about 10 lbs now. We take him in for his 2 month check up soon so I will give all his stats then. We love this sweet little guy!! Riv still kisses him any chance he gets :)