Friday, October 30, 2009

Pumpkin Land!

Back in the day (Tate, Chelan, Me, & Trev)...and the tradition lives on :)
Pumpkins and more Pumpkins
The one Riv picked out

Riv and Casper the Ghost
Freezing our tails off in the corn maze
Grandma and Riv

All bundled up!

Riv's reaction to seeing Elmo

Pumpkin Land is somewhat of a tradition in my family. I remember always loving going when I was little. My Mom and I thought it would be fun to start the tradition with River. It was so much fun to see how excited he got by all the pumpkins, but he was thrilled when he saw the inflated Elmo! Other then the fact that it was absolutely FREEZING it was really fun! It had snowed for the first time just a few days before and man it was cold. River had his hat, coat and mittens on to keep him warm, but I forgot his blankie so his legs got pretty cold :( After the pumpkin land we went out for lunch to Pho noodle house. I had never been there and I have to say it was excellent! If you haven't been it is kind of new and it is on State street. Very Yummy!

*Many new post below, Sorry I got really behind and now it's catch up time.

Halloween Party 09

Jello shots with Lemon Juice for the Losers of the Game
Meredith, Devin, and Cheyenne
Kade and Megan
Ava... the cutest bumble bee Ever
This is his "I'm very Tired!" face.
Poor Kade and Megan were the only ones that dressed up too... Sorry guys :(
Tony was a nerd... again.
The Pumpkin Eater and her Pumpkin!

Well we held our Halloween party again. It was off to a pretty slow start, almost everyone couldn't come until later in the night. Which was fine with us, by the end of the night we had a good crowd and played games and ate yummy treats! We played Catch Phrase, girls against guys and whoever lost had to do a jello shot with very sour lemon juice in it. Unfortunately the girls lost. It was a lot of fun and I love the chance to get to just get together with a bunch of good friends! :) Attendees: Trevor, Mom and Dad, Kade, Megan, Brie and Drew, Eric and Lara, Cheyenne and Ava, & Meredith and Devin. Thanks all for coming it is always great to see you all. Let's do it again next year!

Jewels, Jewels and more Jewels

I love that I get to look at beautiful jewels all day long! I really do enjoy my job. I get to meet so many great people and all of them have a different story of how they met and how their wedding is going to be. I really love it, but who wouldn't?! If you want to read about some of their stories check out Goldsmith Company's Blog.

Fall time Randomness

I just thought these were cute pics and thought I would share them. I do have to say that if you get bored of all these pics of River I'm sorry, but he is my world now so there ya go. We have done a lot of fun things this Fall. It's funny that we want to do all these things with River knowing he won't remember any of it, but I guess that is just what parents do :)

Working hard for the Money!

Work, Work, Work...
Playing in the back office
River thrilled with his new Toy
Never wake a sleeping baby, well when you have to go to's time to wake up :(

As I have said many times before, River is my companion at work. He is usually a great sport the whole day. Everyone at work is so good to him and just spoil him to death. One of his favorite people Megan (She works in the back offices) has taught him how to growl, and now he does it all the time! I showed up to work today to find a huge toy thing in the back for River to play in while I'm with customers. He really likes it because there are so many things for him to play with on it. My Dad loves his grand baby and spoils him rotten, Well maybe not rotten :) I haven't gotten as many pictures of River at work as I have wanted too, but I just get so busy that I tend to forget about pictures. I got a few today of him and his new toy so enjoy! River is in one, yes he has more then one, Halloween costumes in the pics. He was a very cute pumpkin today, because we won't be at work for actual Halloween I figured he would dress up for Halloween Eve! The customers go crazy for him, probably because he is so cute :)

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Gardner's Village

Witches all around!
You can't leave without trying their Fudge, even if you have to wait in line.
Everyone kept stopping us to look at Riv's outfit :)

Another Fall event we had fun doing was going to Gardner's Village. I love this cute place! It is an old mill that they have turned into shops and restaurants. In October they turn everything into a Halloween theme, which is always so cute. Little did we know that we went on Witches night out, It was SO crowded!! We had to park like a half mile down the road. It was still fun, but next year I will make sure the day we go is not on one of their biggest events of the year. It was so crowded you could barley get in and out of the already tiny shops, so we just walked around and enjoyed the scenery. We couldn't leave without getting our hands on some of their wonderful fudge though. We had to wait in a very long line for about 20 mins, but it was worth it. Their fudge is Yummy! We also grabbed a caramel apple, the perfect Fall time treat if you ask me. It was a great time and I can't wait to go again next year :)

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Peaches & Thriller (Random Combo!)

Yummy! Peaches
Wondering if he likes it or not?
Riv with Uncle Trevie
At Thriller with the Izant's

These are kind of a random selection of photos (Sorry) . Tony and I attended "Thiller" it's a Halloween themed dance show put on by the U of U's dance company. It was really a lot of fun! Lara and Eric recommended it, so we went with them. I think it will be a Halloween tradition. My parents were kind enough to babysit River while we went. When we got back to pick him up he was freaking out! Apparently he had been really good the whole time and then just lost it the last 5 minutes they had him :( Thanks for watching him grandma and grandpa, sorry he got grumpy!
Tony and I tried feeding Riv some mushed up peaches, and I think he kind of liked them :) We will see how different kind of mushy food goes.

Fall time Fun!

Riv and Daddy in the maze
Being shy with Princess Pumpkin
This pic melts my heart :)

The cutest little pumpkin head!

On the Hay Ride

River & Tony sliding

About a week ago we decided it would be fun to kick off Fall by attending the Cornbelly's corn maze and games at Thanksgiving Point. It was so cute when we first got there, River was going crazy! He was smiling and laughing, he couldn't stop looking at all the kids running around. He is so fascinated by little kids, he just stares at them in aw. It's adorable :) We all had so much fun! We went on a big slide (River wasn't quite sure what to make of it), hayride, corn maze, went through a haunted ally (it was very kid friendly), etc. There was so much to do there, we even got some hot corn on the cob as a treat. We tried to get River's face painted and waited in line only to find out when we were next that they didn't paint anyone's face under the age of one :( But oh well. It was really cute, when we were there we asked "Princess Pumpkin" if she would get a pic with River (who was being very shy) and so we got a cute pic of them together, but as soon as she handed River back to Tony he started smiling. It was like he was being shy in front of the cute girl, but really actually liked her, it made me laugh. Tony and I are so grateful that we are making all these precious memories with River, even though he won't remember Tony & I always will :) This is our special time together as a Family of 3. It was the perfect event to kick off Fall!

River & I lost in the Corn Maze