Saturday, September 19, 2009

Take 2 on Johnny Jump up

Drool Machine

Handsome Boy
Who me?!

Enjoying his Bouncer

River is finally strong and tall enough to work his Johnny Jump up! He loves it! He has figured out how to use all the buttons that light up and make music. He can actually jump and bounce in it too. He looks so cute in it. I can't believe how fast time flies when you have kids, I can't believe he is already 4 1/2 months old! He is my little companion, including to work. He is always so well behaved at work and the customers love to see him.
River has gotten a cold, and is all congested :( Tony and I bought a humidifier and it actually really helped! The Dr. gave me some nose spray that has helped too. I think he is getting over his cold pretty quick, but now Tony and I both have it! Also, River sometimes struggles with what I think is acid reflux so we have started him on Prevacid and hope that will help, it better it was really expensive.

4 Month Stats

More Shots :(
He has the longest eye lashes like his papa
Such a stud

River had his 4 month check up. Poor guy had to get more shots, but he did really well, just a little crying. He is getting more handsome by the day :) His Stats are:

Length: 25 3/4" 50%
Weight: 14.8 Lbs 25%
Head Cir: 42.5 cm 50%

Girl of Boy? Really?!

Poor guy, I'm sure he will never forgive me :)

I don't know what has been going on lately but people keep asking me if River is a girl or a boy?! Seriously??!! He is always dressed in total boy clothes. I don't get it. I guess he is just so stinkin' cute he could pass as a girl. Ha ha! Well I decided I would see what people were talking about and put a bow on his head! He was a cute girl, hehe, I know I'm the meanest Mom ever!!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Fall Time Gardens

This was taken in the "Secret Garden"

It was so Beautiful!

My Mom and I were lucky enough to get to spend an afternoon at Thanksgiving Point Gardens. It was the perfect time to go because it wasn't to hot. I had never been and I couldn't believe how big it was, there was so much to see! It was gorgeous! We were there for about 3 hours wandering the gardens and then had lunch at the club house over looking everything :) It is a must see, they are open until Halloween! The perfect afternoon. Thanks, for taking River and I, Mom! I think River loved the waterfalls the most, he loved looking over the edge at all the rushing water. He is so cute :)

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Labor Day in the Mountians

On the tram at Deer Valley

Aunt Chelan and River

Tony and Riv chillin on the deck :) My cute boys!

We had such a fantastic Labor day! We were able to spend it in Park City with my family. My parents had rented a condo for their Anniversary and had been in Park City for a couple days and invited us to come up and spend the rest of the weekend with them. It was also Trevor's Birthday on Saturday so we had dinner @ Ruth's Chris to celebrate. The condo was wonderful and so comfortable! It was so relaxing and peaceful. My Mom and Dad decided that they want to make it a family tradition to go there every Labor day, no complaints here :) We also went on the tram at Deer Valley, it is so beautiful there! We very much enjoyed our Labor Day weekend, Thanks so much for inviting us Mom & Dad :)

River's Photo shoot

I had River's pics taken about a month ago by Nicole Hill Gerulat and thought they turned out so cute. Here are a few of my favs ;) enjoy

Las Vegas "Baby" & Fiscarubu

He was so tired :( Look at those eyes!
Frozen Hot Chocolate

Uncle Trevor and River

River has turned into quite the traveling man! Trevor and I had to go to Las Vegas on business (We are starting our own business together! Stay posted for more on that! I'm really excited!) so of course River came along. Funny story, so we had to wear badges with our names on them and River had to have one too, some how they misspelled Foscarini and spelled it "Fiscarubu" on River's tag, haha! So that is his nick name now :) It was his second time to Vegas already, we will be going again for business in October! So River really is turning into a Las Vegas Baby :) We had fun and Trevor really enjoyed getting to spend some quality time with his nephew. We saw a different side of Vegas then we are used to, we are used to getting our rooms paid for and staying in wonderful hotels. Not this time, no sir! It was on Trev and I's dime, so Sahara it was. It was pretty bad! haha! It was only $16 a night though!! We decided that we should probably spend a little more money next time and stay somewhere that Trevor won't be solicited, and we won't see a Pimp get kick out of the hotel! But, all memories to remember, haha! We were able to go to Serendipity and get the Frozen hot chocolate, yummy! (as you can see it didn't last long)